Coronavirus: How Nigeria ranks among 10 Africa's countries badly hit (explainer)

Coronavirus: How Nigeria ranks among 10 Africa's countries badly hit (explainer)

Since its outbreak in Wuhan city of China, coronavirus has wreaked more havoc than imagined on over 200 countries by paralysing the economy and posing a monumental challenge against the global health sector from Asia to Europe and Africa.

According to Worldometre, a reference website that provides counters and real-time statistics for diverse topics, 3,330,803 cases have been recorded globally with casualty figure standing o 234,769 globally.

Africa's countries, obviously, are not safe from the loin of the Covid-19 pandemic as World Health Organisation statistics read that 52 of 54 African nations are currently plunged into the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The continent has so far recorded 40,026 cumulative cases, with 1,640 reported deaths and 13,212 reported recoveries as of May 1, 2020.

How Nigeria ranks among 10 African countries badly hit by Coronavirus
Africa has so far recorded 40,026 cumulative cases, with 1,640 reported deaths and 13,212.
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In Nigeria, coronavirus cases have hit a hair-raising 1,932 figure-benchmark as Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Thursday night, April 30, announced 204 new cases -- the highest daily figure recorded so far by the agency.

In a series of tweets on its verified Twitter handle NCDC made the announcement as Nigeria's coronavirus cases soared beyond a thousand radar in less than three months after the index case.

319 have been discharged after fully recovering from the virus while 58 casualties have been reported with Lagos still taking its place as the epicentre of the disease in Nigeria.

But how does Nigeria rank among the ten most affected countries in Africa?

According to Worldometre, South Africa is the country mostly affected with 5,647 cases as at this report followed by Egypt and Morocco.

1. South Africa – (5,647 cases, 2,073 recoveries, 103 deaths)

2. Egypt – (5,537 cases, 1,381 recoveries, 392 deaths)

3. Morocco – (4,529 cases, 1,055 recoveries, 171 deaths)

4. Algeria – (4,006 cases, 1,779 recoveries, 450 deaths)

5. Ghana - (2,074 cases, 212 recoveries, 17 deaths)

6. Nigeria– (1,932 cases, 319 recoveries, 58 deaths)

7. Cameroon – (1,832 cases, 934 recoveries, 61 deaths)

8. Guinea – (1,495 cases, 329 recoveries, 7 deaths)

9. Ivory Coast – (1,275 cases, 574 recoveries, 14 deaths)

10. Djibouti – (1,097 cases, 672 recoveries, 2deaths)

Meanwhile, the United States of America is the most affected nation globally with 1,100,368 cases, 64,020 deaths and 156,089 recoveries.

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Meanwhile, reported that WHO has announced that 102 potential COVID-19 vaccines are currently being developed around the world.

Scientists worldwide are in search of a permanent solution to the deadly disease that has killed hundreds of thousands around the world.

Documents posted on the organisation’s website on Thursday, April 30, indicated that eight of the potential vaccines have been approved for clinical trial. ( -> We have updated to serve you better

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