American state sues China over coronavirus

American state sues China over coronavirus

- Missouri has sued China over the spread of coronavirus

- The American state blamed China for all the woes currently being caused by the disease

- Meanwhile, legal experts believe the lawsuit will be difficult to prosecute

In an unprecedented move, a state in the United States of America, Missouri, has decided to sue the Chinese government and other top institutions over the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The state accused China of covering up information, silencing whistleblowers and doing little to stop the spread of the disease.

This was disclosed by Missouri attorney general, Eric Schmitt, whole filed the civil lawsuit in federal court in the eastern district of Missouri, CNN reports.

The lawsuit claims "Chinese authorities deceived the public, suppressed crucial information, arrested whistleblowers, denied human-to-human transmission in the face of mounting evidence, destroyed critical medical research, permitted millions of people to be exposed to the virus, and even hoarded personal protective equipment—thus causing a global pandemic that was unnecessary and preventable."

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"In mid-January, on or around January 16, despite knowing the risks of doing so, Wuhan leaders hosted a potluck dinner for 40,000 residents, increasing the potential spread of the virus," it says. "Defendants allowed these massive public gatherings and massive exodus from Wuhan despite knowing the risks of COVID-19, including the risk of human-to-human transmission."

"Before the pandemic, Missouri had one of its lowest unemployment rates of the past decade, but on information and belief, Missouri's unemployment rate is now the highest it has been since the Great Depression," the suit claims. "Responding to the pandemic has required shutting down businesses, disrupting ordinary production and trade, and dislocating workers."

Meanwhile, legal experts have said the lawsuit faces an uphill battle because China is protected by sovereign immunity.

The charges may be found here.

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