Video drops as ice block rain from the sky in Ghana

Video drops as ice block rain from the sky in Ghana

- Ice fell from the sky like rain in an interesting observation at Kumasi, the regional capital of the Ashanti Region

- Residents who witnessed the incident shared videos and photos of the rare natural phenomenon

- The occurrence is called hailstones, a rare observation that happens from time to time

Ice blocks have fallen as rain in some parts of the regional capital of the Ashanti Region, a situation which is popularly known as hailstones and rarely experienced.

According to a report gathered by, the incident happened on Monday, March 20, 2020, and was recorded by a local resident who would later report to the media house.

It is, however, indicated that several residents run into corridors with many of them taking videos whilst others picked up the particles to admire its nature.

Video drops as ice blocks rain from the sky in Kumasi
Source: UGC
Source: UGC

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The woman who agreed to speak about the rather eye-popping revelation indicated that this was the first time in about 20 years that she was witnessing such a remarkable act of nature.

According to her, she was full of excitement and called her children to come and see it for the first time in their lives, as it might not happen again for a long time.

The raining of ice from the sky, also known as hailstones, are formed by layers of water attaching and freezing in a large cloud.

See video below:

A frozen droplet begins to fall from a cloud during a storm but is pushed back up into the cloud by a strong updraft of wind. When the hailstone is lifted, it hits liquid water droplets and falls as rain.

In another news report, has it that commissioner for environment and water resources in Lagos state, Tunji Bello has urged residents of Lagos state to prepare for likely consequences of 240 to 270 days rain.

Bello, a former secretary to the Lagos state government, said the rainfall is likely to begin on Thursday, March 19, and end on Sunday, November 22.

The commissioner made the disclosure while speaking to journalists on Tuesday, March 10. He said it is necessary to inform Lagosians about the 2020 rainfall prediction by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency.

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