COVID-19: Newly-wedded couple who survived deadly disease recount experience

COVID-19: Newly-wedded couple who survived deadly disease recount experience

- LaQuita and Jason Coleman of Birmingham have recounted their experience after they survived COVID-19

- The couple was diagnosed with COVID-19 just days apart from each other barely five months after their marriage

- LaQuita and Jason Coleman want others to know they can get through the illness because they survived

Barely five months after LaQuita and Jason Coleman of Birmingham tied the knot, they were diagnosed with COVID-19 just days apart from each other.

That part about “in sickness and in health,'' of their vows came sooner than the Birmingham couple expected.

The 44-year-old LaQuita said they learned that part real quick but they couldn’t help each other.

Set to soon be released from their 14-day quarantine, the Colemans want others to know they can get through the illness.

The Colemans said they relied on faith and that people ‘‘can survive it’’.

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Both of them are two of the over 4,200 Alabamians diagnosed with coronavirus.

Their plight for all practical purposes began in late March 2020 when LaQuita fell ill with flu-like symptoms. She was tested for COVID-19, but her test came back negative.

Then, on March 30, 2020, Jason began to feel a tickle in his throat. The following day he woke up with a fever of 104.

Jason Coleman said he kept saying he was fine, but LaQuita told him that he was not fine.

LaQuita took him to be tested for the virus and two days later, on April 3, 2020, Jason’s test results came back positive.

LaQuita also developed a cough and was having trouble breathing and went on and got tested. Her COVID-19 test results came back positive on Monday, April 6, 2020.

''I started sleeping 18 hours a day. I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t eat, and I really couldn’t drink anything,'' she said.

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LaQuita, who works in billing for a medical practice, was still working from home. Her symptoms included throat irritation, shortness of breath, fluid on her lungs, cough, headache and fever and chills.

LaQuita said her doctor recommended antibiotics and made sure they had vitamins.

She said there were times she felt she needed to be hospitalised but didn’t want to go that route if she didn’t have to.

Once she and Jason tested positive, they received letters from the Jefferson County Health Department that listed the steps they had to take under the quarantine.

Other than that, however, she said they felt very much on their own during the ordeal.

She is now feeling better, though she has persisting lung issues. She said she wanted to speak out so others would understand that COVID-19 is no joke.

''I’ve had the flu plenty of times and this is no flu,'' LaQuita said.

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“Honestly, I didn’t think it was that serious until I got it. This virus is real,’’ she added.

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