Covid-19: Young Ghanaian genius builds disinfection chamber to help fight pandemic

Covid-19: Young Ghanaian genius builds disinfection chamber to help fight pandemic

- A young Ghanaian has built a disinfection chamber that can help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus

- The coronavirus or COVID-19 has wreaked havoc globally, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands

- This adds up to the number of creations targeted at dealing with the coronavirus outbreak

A young innovative Ghanaian by name Samuel Quarm Olatunde has responded to the rallying call from leading world organizations like the United Nations to come up with ways of helping curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Samuel, in responding to the clarion call, has built an automatic disinfection chamber that would dispense disinfectants to sanitize the whole body.

Named the Quarm Disinfection Chamber, young Samuel walked people through how the chamber is used and how effective it is to help curb the spread of the COVID-19.

The World Health Organization indicated that the virus can survive on a myriad of surfaces for hours. This happens to be the number one way of transmitting the virus once someone touches an infected surface.

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Hand washing and sanitizing have been the only measures used so far as preventive measures.

However, there is a possibility of infection if the virus settles on clothing or other parts of the body. This is where the Quarm Disinfection Chamber comes in.

The device's main aim is to sanitize the other exposed parts of the body to help curb the spread of the virus.

The system comes with a chamber, an electromechanical unit, an electronic unit and a reservoir.

1. Chamber: The confinement where the disinfection takes place.

2. Electromechanical Unit: Handles the dispensing of the disinfectant.

3. Electronic Unit: Responsible for signal control

4. Reservoir: Holds the disinfectant

To make the device WHO-compliant, the reservoir dispenses an alcohol-based disinfectant and 0.05% Chlorine or hospital approved standards for health workers wearing PPE’s.

According to Samuel, the device functions in such a way that once the chamber is occupied, the presence is detected and the system dispenses the disinfectant.

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The disinfectant is sprayed in a mist form from all directions to cover the whole body. The disinfectant leaves the body after a short while because of its volatile nature, which leaves one dry.

The system automatically goes off when the occupant leaves.

Samuel indicated that the device can be installed in hospitals, homes, churches and various public places.

In the absence of electricity, the device allows it to be powered by solar panels.

Samuel affectionately called OLA by both his students and colleagues was born to a Ghanaian mother and a Nigerian father.

He had his secondary education at Christ the King Catholic Senior Secondary School in Obuasi. He then proceeded to KNUST to read Physics, he graduated with a First Class Degree after which he served as a Teaching Assistant for a year.

As a student, he was part of the team that built the first-ever solar traffic light on the University of Cape Coast Campus.

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Due to the voluntary services he rendered to the AGA school, the then executive director deemed it appropriate to employ him as a teacher of Science.

He doubled as the Master in charge of the AGA School Robotics club, Cadet Corps and Brass band. He was in charge of On November 8, 2018, he accepted a government's appointment as a teacher of Physics in the Kumasi High School where he is currently serving as a teacher

Samuel is a health and safety officer with an international General Certificate in Occupational Health and safety.

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He has a zeal to further his education. His passion to contribute to solving the current problem the world is facing is what drove him to come out with the COVID-19 disinfection chamber

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