Student spends N1.1m to become real-life mermaid after being inspired by Disney princess Ariel (photos)

Student spends N1.1m to become real-life mermaid after being inspired by Disney princess Ariel (photos)

- A young lady has turned her love and obsession for mermaids into a lifetime hubby and profession

- 22-year-old Corrine Hinton, discovered her love for the mythical creatures after she met with Ariel from the Disney movie at the age of seven

- Corrine has now spent about $3000 (N1.1m) on looking like a real life mermaid and she now makes money from it by performing at children’s parties

As children, many of us nursed the idea of being our favourite cartoon or movie character, not minding that they were fictional and not actually real.

Well, as time goes on, many of these kids shed these dreams and look ahead to other things that catch their interest. However, some people have been able to maintain focus and keep the passion they have for one thing alive for a very long time.

That is the case with 22-year-old Corrine Hinton who nursed her love for mermaids as a little girl till now that she is a young lady.

Corrine’s love for the mythical creatures was discovered after she met with Ariel who acted in the 1989 classic film, Metro UK reports.

After meeting with the mermaid at the age of seven, Corrine somewhat became obsessed and made sure her parents bought her first mermaid tail for her 16th birthday. The tail at the time cost $250.

Now, Corrine has spent about $3000 (N1.1 million) on mermaid tails and she also took lessons on how to swim with the mono-fin, just like a mermaid.

Speaking with Metro UK, Corrine said that she loves the mystery of mermaids.

She said: “I just love the mystery of mermaids. Are you a fish or are you a person? I like feeling mysterious and got obsessed very quickly.

"I started taking it much more seriously when I was 18 and I bought a silicone tail that cost $800.

"I also started making my own tops because it breaks the bank a little to keep paying for tails all the time.”

Corrine currently owns three beautiful mermaid tails and she also makes money from it.

According to Metro UK, the young lady makes appearances at children’s parties as well as charity events.

She said: “It all started when I was just practicing in a community pool and I got asked to perform at a party by a parent. I ended up getting quite a few requests and now I just get people reaching out to me on Instagram.

“When I go along we play water-based games and sometimes I’ll just swim in the pool whilst a party goes on. It all depends what the parents want but wherever I can I try to teach kids about the environment and why it is important.”


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