Coronavirus: Over 50 people arrested at a wedding for violating lockdown rules

Coronavirus: Over 50 people arrested at a wedding for violating lockdown rules

- A newly-wed couple were arrested on their wedding day for breaking the lockdown rules

- The bride was put in the police van in her wedding dress

- The video garnered mixed reactions from people concerning the wedding and the guidelines put in place

New couple were arrested on their wedding day, allegedly for contravening the lockdown regulations.

This was after police stormed a South African wedding and arrested over 50 people for what they termed as violation of lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

A video circulated of the bride being helped into a police van by her groom.

The man filming the video can be heard saying: "The bride is getting arrested, just like that."

Other guests just watched as the bride saw her greatest day of the year turn into a nightmare.

The entire gathering of more than 50 people was placed in custody.

On the social network, many had a lot of reactions regarding the whole incident.

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Some believed the police did the right thing.

Other people saw the funny side and believed the groom's concubine or neighbours who weren't invited had something to do with snitching on the couple.

Either way, it's terrible their big day had to end this way.

Mzansi is on a 21-day lockdown that has been in place for a little over a week now.

There are fears that the lockdown might be extended, particularly if the infection numbers keep increasing.

The country continues to lead in the number of coronavirus cases in the whole of Africa.

While the lockdown has given some locals a moment to learn more about the new coronavirus, others have become dangerous social media doctors by disseminating misinformed chain messages claiming to have found the cure - an anti-malaria drug.

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In other news, the publisher of Ovation International, Dele Momodu, has congratulated one of the beneficiaries of his giveaway, a student of Taraba State University, Jalingo.

The Mass Communication student identified as Emmanuel Jahcares reached out to the ex-presidential candidate on Twitter and posted his account details during the giveaway.

He was lucky to have been picked and sent an undisclosed amount of money to support himself as Nigeria battles with the coronavirus pandemic. ( -> We have updated to serve you better

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