COVID-19: Can't lockdown education, keep learning with Roducate

COVID-19: Can't lockdown education, keep learning with Roducate

As our nation grapples with the ongoing global pandemic, Nigerians have come together to help each other and to form a united front against COVID-19. Robert & John has joined these efforts by helping in our own area of expertise.

Our product, Roducate, is the most comprehensive e-learning platform in Nigeria and indeed Africa. We offer curriculum-based education for primary, secondary, and tertiary students. Students have access to lecture notes, assignments, mock exams, videos, podcasts, and educational games. Roducate has been endorsed by JAMB, NUC, NERDC, Microsoft, and the African Union. It is available on the web, mobile web, and iOS/Android/KaiOS stores.

Roducate COVID-19 initiative: Comprehensive e-learning platform in Nigeria

We are working with governments and socially-minded companies to ensure that our children are not left behind in a competitive global economy. Teachers and educators know that a child could potentially lose half a years’ worth of learning by being idle for more than six weeks.

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To prevent that, we are working on three initiatives:

• In partnership with state governments and private sector leaders, we are working to provide students with devices preloaded with Roducate offline/online mode to enable students lacking internet-connected devices to continue their education and prepare for upcoming national examinations

• In another partnership with the same private sector leaders, we are running a sponsorship campaign in which donors purchase subscriptions to the e-learning platform at a discounted rate and distribute to Nigerian students

• In partnership with schools, we are building online communities where students can interact with their teachers and classmates, engage in classroom discussions, submit assignments etc.

With countries adopting e-learning as a means of minimizing the disruption in education during COVID-19 pandemic, our children must not be left behind. While these are not substitutes for the rich and textured physical exchange between a teacher and student, they will give our children a sense of continuity and hope; and keep them meaningfully engaged during the lockdown. More than anything else, we need hope at this moment. And we pray that the Almighty keep you and our nation safe.

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