You can't do this, you can't do that, nanny will take away your husband - Nigerian woman

You can't do this, you can't do that, nanny will take away your husband - Nigerian woman

- Suhail H Saulawa, a Nigerian policeman, has said it is dangerous for women to leave their homes to a house help

- The man said that the consequence of such could make the woman lose her husband to a "good" nanny

- The police officer, therefore, advised women to work on themselves rather than shying away from their home duties

A Nigerian police officer with the name Suhail H Saulawa has commented on marriage and the duty of a wife to her husband.

In the Twitter posts he made on Tuesday, March 31, he painted the grave consequence that could happen to a woman who abdicates house chores to a nanny.

The police officer said that the husband of such a woman could be easily entrapped by the naïve and "good" behavior of the housemaid.

Saulawa said that even the friends of such a man would advise him to marry the help, which will make the woman lose everything.

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The man added that it will be all the wife’s fault because she left her house to the help. In his final words, he asked women to stay at home and work for their husbands.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a lady with the Twitter handle @Q_BinLaden spoke about the relationship between men and women, saying the former do not need the latter.

She said that men do not need women as they can do their laundry and are financially buoyant enough to finance their lifestyle.

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The lady asked women to stop their sense of entitlement just because they have a big bu*t, saying they need to work on their attitude. She said men can totally survive without them.

The lady also added that all most women can do in a relationship is to offer sexual gratification.

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The Twitter user said that a woman does not sometimes love a man but his money, adding that that is why she could leave him if he loses his means of livelihood. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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