Ronaldinho shows superb skills as he plays football inside Paraguay prison

Ronaldinho shows superb skills as he plays football inside Paraguay prison

- Ronaldinho has showed superb skills while playing football in jail

- The Brazilian has been behind the bars for weeks in Paraguay

- Ronaldinho was accused of traveling with fake passport

Ronaldinho is now showing the stuff he is made of by showing great skills while playing soccer inside Paraguay prison where he has been kept for weeks.

For now, the Barcelona star does not know his fate on when exactly he will get out of jail after being accused of using fake passport to enter Paraguay.

He was not the only one arrested by the authorities in charge of traveling in Paraguay as his brother Roberto was also put into jail for the same offense.

No doubt Ronaldinho is living another life entirely inside Paraguay jail as we know that being kept behind bars is different from living at home.

At first when Ronaldinho got to the prison, he was spotted taking pictures and signing autographs with all the inmates he met on ground.

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Later it was reported by UK Sun that the former Barcelona star is already missing his mother whom he used to talk with everyday.

And now that investigation is still going on Ronaldinho's case on whether he is guilty or not, the retired footballer has been warned that he could be sentenced to six months in jail.

According to the report on UK Sun, the 40-year-old has been playing foot volley inside prison with others so as for wipe to be wiping away times.

There are also reports that Ronaldinho has lost his famous smile inside prison which indicated that he is tired of being kept behind bars.

Earlier, had reported how former Barcelona star Ronaldinho has now turned his attention to another thing inside Paraguay prison by learning carpentry work and also teaching inmates football skills.

Presently, the World Cup winner does not know when he will be released from prison after being accused of using fake passport to enter Paraguay with his brother.

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As it is now, Ronaldinho could be sent to six months in jail if authorities in charge later come out that he is guilty of what he has been accused of.

Already, Ronaldinho and his brother have denied the accusations and they are now waiting for their final judgment inside jail.

According to the report by ESPN, they explained that Ronaldinho is being loved by all the inmates who are learning some basic football skills from the Brazilian.

They also claimed that Ronaldinho is now learning carpentry, but he is missing his mother and also his love for music.

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