Top 50 Irish sayings, proverbs and quotes to use in everyday life

Top 50 Irish sayings, proverbs and quotes to use in everyday life

Like any nation, the people of Ireland are unique individuals who share an unparalleled historical and cultural background. Therefore, Irish sayings provide us with rare ideas that are able to change our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

Irish sayings
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The world's view of the people of Ireland is uncommon. This is evident from the common Irish sayings that reflect the essence of this nation. Get acquainted with these unique people through the most popular Irish sayings.

Best Irish sayings for everyday life

Our lives are full of happiness and sorrow, hope and despair, ups and downs. Amazingly, there are numerous Irish quotes and expressions for any possible occasion.

Funny Irish phrases will help you to get rid of a bad mood while old Irish sayings will share their wisdom with you. You can use these Irish expressions yourself, or you can send them to your family members or friends to show them your support and attention.

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What are some good Irish sayings?

Irish phrases
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People of Ireland have come up with countless meaningful expressions that are able to give you a new perspective on many aspects of your existence. There are many Irish sayings that you can apply to your everyday life.

Below are the best Irish sayings that will make your day:

  • You have to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
  • A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
  • Do not give cherries to pigs or advice to fools.
  • Both your friend and your enemy think you will never die.
  • A quarrel is like buttermilk: once it is out of the churn, the more you shake it, the more sour it grows.
  • It is not a secret after three people know it.
  • May the road rise up to meet you.
  • If it is drowning you are after, do not torment yourself with shallow water.
  • Wisdom is the comb given to a man after he has lost his hair.

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Wise Irish sayings about friends

Irish sayings about friends
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Friendship is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Consequently, the people of Ireland could not avoid it in their Irish phrases.

The core aspects of this unique relationship between people are reflected in the phrases below:

  • A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.
  • There are good ships and there are wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be.
  • The road to a friend’s house is never long.
  • May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.
  • A friend’s eye is a good mirror.
  • If you are searching for a friend without faults, you will be without a friend forever.
  • He who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.

Great Irish sayings about love

Irish sayings about love
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Love is a powerful feeling that inspires and supports people. It takes different forms depending on the relationship between people.

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Irish love quotes describe all the wonderful properties of this beautiful emotion. The wisdom behind these expressions is worth your attention.

  • There is no cure for love other than marriage.
  • It is easy to half the potato when there is love.
  • Love him when he least deserves it, that is when he most needs it.
  • A day lasts until it is chased away but love lasts until the grave.
  • Love is like a lifeboat on the stormy sea of life.
  • Pulse of my heart, song of my soul, light of my night.
  • Love makes the world go around.
  • Do not take a wife without fault.

Irish sayings: funny expressions to lighten your mood

Irish sayings funny
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Throughout the history of Ireland, its people have created numerous funny Irish quotes that amuse us today. These short Irish sayings will definitely make you smile.

Below are the best funny Irish sayings that will make your day:

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  • In heaven, there is no beer; that is why we drink ours here.
  • Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbour. It makes you shoot at your landlord, and it makes you miss him.
  • If you are lucky enough to be Irish, then you are lucky enough.
  • It is better to spend money like there is no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there is no money!
  • But the greatest love - the love above all loves, even greater than that of a mother - is the tender, passionate, undying love of one beer drunken slob for another.
  • Men are like bagpipes - no sound comes from them until they are full.
  • For every wound, a balm. For every sorrow, cheer. For every storm, a calm. For every thirst, a beer.
  • What butter and whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.

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What are some Irish blessings?

Irish blessing quotes
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The people of Ireland are good at formulating toasts and wishes. They have blessings for any occasion and any person.

The Irish blessing quotes provided below will certainly impress your friends and family. Pick several of these expressions and use them when the need arises:

  • May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.
  • May the Lord keep you in His hand and never close His fist too tight.
  • May the good Lord take a liking to you - but not too soon.
  • Here’s health to your enemies’ enemies!
  • May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my grandmother’s teeth.
  • May you be at the gates of heaven an hour before the devil knows you are dead!
  • May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.
  • May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

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Top Irish proverbs

Irish proverbs
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Another valuable source of wisdom is proverbs. An appropriate Irish proverb may help you to overcome your hardships or change your worldview.

Check out the list below to find a proverb that suits your situation the best:

  • A good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.
  • Who gossips with you will gossip of you.
  • Two people shorten the road.
  • Your son is your son today, but your daughter is your daughter forever.
  • Do not resent growing old, many are denied the privilege.
  • Do not become broke by trying to look rich.
  • You cannot make a racehorse out of a donkey.
  • The bed deed returns on the bad deed-doer.
  • The thing that is seldom is wonderful.
  • There is no fireplace like your own.

Reading Irish sayings is a great way to get acquainted with this unique culture. Moreover, these expressions contain valuable ideas that you can apply to your everyday life. What is your favorite phrase? Tell us in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family and stay tuned.

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