Who is a Lithromantic? 10 definitive signs you might be one

Who is a Lithromantic? 10 definitive signs you might be one

Every once in a while, you will meet someone that catches your eye. Have you ever had a crush on someone, but felt repulsed the minute they confessed that they feel the same way? You might just be a lithromantic. There is more than one sign of this condition, but proper diagnosis is necessary for you to find a solution.

Lith definition

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What is lithromantic? While the feeling of love and wanting to be loved are quite common, not everyone experiences them. You might be confused as to why you do not experience these feelings. Here are 10 signs that explain the reason behind your strange experiences.

Signs that you are a lithromantic

What is the lithromantic meaning? Lithromantic is a term to describe a person who experiences romantic love but does not want their feelings to be reciprocated

The lithromantic flag has red, orange, yellow, white and black stripes. It is the most common symbol used by those who identify with this label. Now that you know the lithromantic definition, do any of these signs sound familiar?

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1. You crush on superheroes, movie characters, and celebrities

Tall, dark, handsome and unavailable is your type. Once you fall in love with a fictional character, there is no going back. You will find out all that there is to know about them. You might even go as far as joining an online fan club, buying some merchandise with their name on it or putting their picture as your phone screen background.

All your friends know that you like this character and you will not shy away from expressing just how attracted you are to him or her. Why? Because you are very sure that your feelings will never be reciprocated. Such people are always chasing after one-sided love, and have no desire to be loved back.

2. When you crush on someone in your life, you keep it a secret


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God forbid that you have a crush on someone you know. Even worse; it’s the girl next door or a colleague at work. You will nurse your romantic feelings for this person in secret while in their presence, you might act normal and disinterested.

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Sometimes, you will befriend your crush as an alternative to letting your romantic feelings be known. You want to be close enough to see them every other day, but no too close that they start developing romantic feelings for you. Your crush on someone is such a well-kept secret that no one in your life knows about it.

Such secrecy might make one wonder, “Is lithromantic real?” Yes, it is. Such people experience romantic feelings like everyone else but they do not enjoy revealing them. Therefore, their love interests are always a closely guarded secret.

3. You do not fear expressing romantic interest, but get turned off at the slightest sign of reciprocation

When you like someone, you make it obvious. Your first strategy is to go after the unavailable person. Knowing very well that this person has other commitments, or is of a different sexual orientation, you will gladly confess your feelings.

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The worst thing that can happen is that this person will reciprocate your romantic feelings. God forbid that your confession is met with another; that your crush has actually been interested in you for a while. At this point, you will lose all interest in him or her.

Shy people are not the only ones who might be lithromantic. Others are quite outspoken and have no problem making their feelings known. However, immediately they see signs of mutual feelings, they get turned off.

4. You find romantic relationships bothersome

Lith definition

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You see everyone around you in a romantic relationship and this makes you want one too. You could give in to peer pressure and start dating a guy you have had a crush on for a while. However, you do not enjoy being in a relationship.

Simple romantic gestures that are common in most relationships are quite off-putting to you. You might hate seeing a surprise bouquet of flowers or cringe at a lovey-dovey text message sent in the middle of the day. Such feelings make you grow distant from your partner. The Lith definition encompasses being uncomfortable in relationships.

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5. You prefer physical intimacy to emotional intimacy

You have no qualms about getting physically intimate with someone you find attractive. In fact, you prefer it when you are physically intimate with your crush without expressing any emotions. Your casual approach to intimacy may lead you to have an affair outside of your relationship.

While you are quick to identify attractive people, you would rather start off with physical intimacy instead of confessing that you like the person. The lith meaning includes feeling awkward when you hear someone expressing their emotions.

6. You have a habit of going MIA on potential love interests

define lith

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No one can define Lith without talking about how quick such people are to cut people off in their lives. There is not one day when you will enjoy someone making the first move. People who come up to you and express their interests are promptly ignored.

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You might be kind enough to give the person your number, but he or she will never hear from you. All their calls and messages will go unanswered. If you had a crush on them but it faded after they express interest, you will distance yourself completely.

7. Your feelings fade fast when you are in a romantic relationship

Whenever you get into a relationship, your feelings do not last long. Your romantic feelings wear out fast, especially if your partner starts showing interest. You quickly regret why you got into a relationship.

Lithromanticism can be so extreme that it will drive you to cheat on your spouse. Because your feelings have faded, you might continue chasing unavailable people out there. Your fantasies might blind you to how much you are hurting somebody that cares for you.

8. You hate talking about your feelings

lithromantic definition

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An attempt to define lithromantic should not be limited to relationships with the opposite gender. The feelings can extend to normal relationships with friends, siblings, etc. You have a very hard time expressing how you feel to those around you.

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Instead of putting your feelings in words, you would rather do acts of service. You will help your sibling out when they need you, but you would rather not tell them how much you love them. Your inability to talk about your feelings might cost you a few good partners as far as relationships are concerned.

9. You hate public displays of affection

Seeing people cuddling at the park might make you look for somewhere else to sit and enjoy your book. Public engagement proposals get nothing more than an eye-roll from you. Whenever your friends are acting all loved up, you excuse yourself and go somewhere else

You cannot stand being the center of attention due to a romantic display. It is bad enough that the person you are with reciprocates your feelings. Any attempts to disclose these feelings for you in public will annoy you greatly.

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10. You prefer platonic relationships

You are a fan of friends with benefits type of relationships. To you, platonic relationships offer the best of both worlds. In such a relationship, you can crush on your friend in secret without ever getting a soppy, love-filled confession at some point. The more emotionally distant you are from each other, the better.

Many people might try to figure out how to overcome lithromantic. However, no one should force themselves into a relationship just for the sake of it. There is no need for you to change how you feel. At the same time, you should be considerate and polite towards those who express interest in you, as they might not see your point of view.

If more than one of these 10 signs applies to you, then you might be a lithromantic. Although this condition is not life-threatening, being aware of it helps you to manage your relationships well.

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