Ronaldinho learns carpentry and teaches inmates skills inside Paraguay jail

Ronaldinho learns carpentry and teaches inmates skills inside Paraguay jail

- Ronaldinho is now learning carpentry inside Paraguay prison

- The Brazilian also teaches inmates some football skills

- Ronaldinho and his brother were arrested for entering Paraguay with fake passport

Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho has now turned his attention to another thing inside Paraguay prison by learning carpentry work and also teaching inmates football skills.

Presently, the World Cup winner does not know when he will be released from prison after being accused of using fake passport to enter Paraguay with his brother.

As it is now, Ronaldinho could be sent to six months in jail if authorities in charge later come out that he is guilty of what he has been accused of.

Already, Ronaldinho and his brother have denied the accusations and they are now waiting for their final judgment inside jail.

According to the report by ESPN, they explained that Ronaldinho is being loved by all the inmates who are learning some basic football skills from the Brazilian.

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They also claimed that Ronaldinho is now learning carpentry, but he is missing his mother and also his love for music.

Report by ESPN added that Ranaldinho speaks with his mother everyday who comforts him and wishes her son well for him to get out of the prison.

His lawyers tried last week to convince the judge handling the matter to change his case to house arrest instead of him being in the jail, but the lawmaker refused.

The judge claimed that giving Ronaldinho a bail or house arrest will have big consequence on the rules governing Paraguay.

Earlier, had reported how Barcelona legend Ronaldinho seems to have won the hearts of inmates in the Paraguayan prison owing to his football skills.

The Brazilian star turns 40 on March 21, and he will most likely celebrate his fourth decade on earth behind bars.

Ronaldinho has been behind bars in the south American country for using fake papers to gain entrance alongside his brother.

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Further reports claim the former AC Milan star could be sent to jail for six months if he is found guilty of a money laundering case against him.

Meanwhile, with his release date not in sight, the World Cup winner appears to be settling in well in prison as he is said to be loved by the inmates as reported by Sport Bible.

The 39-year-old participated in the football event recently organised for the prisoners this month and his team emerged victorious in the end.

Although reports from the former player's camp revealed he is not delighted with his present situation, he is, however, enjoying the company of exciting inmates, who are making life easy for him in there.

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