Most popular baby names for boys and girls in the world by region

Most popular baby names for boys and girls in the world by region

Have you ever thought about the most popular baby names in the world? Well, every region around the globe has a few popular names that keeping coming up whenever a new baby boy or girl is born. These are probably easy to pronounce, have cute meanings, or those that many modern parents prefer because they are fancy.

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So, what is the most popular name in the world? To find out the truth about this, you have to look at each region and discover which names top the charts. This article focuses on some of the most popular boys names, as well as popular girls names you need to know for every region.

The most common name in the world

What is the most popular name in the world 2020? The most popular name in the world would be Liam for a boy. What is the most popular name in the world for a girl? Emma is the most popular name for a girl.

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These are the current chart-topping baby names for boys and girls. However, they are not the only names that are popular. The following popular baby names are those that have been rated as the most popular globally. They are ranked based on regions.


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Africa is home to 54 countries. There are different naming cultures and traditions that affect naming systems in the region. African countries and communities tend to name their kids based on religious standings, the order of birth, natural occurrences as well as following famous or relatives. The bottom line is that these names are always unique. The following are the most common names in Africa. They are categorized differently for girls and boys as follows:

Popular girl names

Some of the most popular girls names in Africa are:

  • Fatimata from Burkina Faso means captivating
  • Aminata from Burkina Faso means faithful, trustworthy and truthful
  • Hana from Ethiopia means happiness and satisfaction
  • Kalkidan from Ethiopia means natural beauty and promise
  • Ama from Ghana is a girl who is born on a Saturday
  • Esther is common in Ghana and it means Star
  • Faith is a popular girl's name in Kenya and it means complete trust or confidence
  • Mary is also popular in Kenya and it refers to being bitter
  • Irakoze is a girls name meaning Thanks to God
  • Neema in Tanzania means to be born during good times
  • Mariam is also popular in Tanzania and it means one who is fragrant like myrrh
  • Yayra from Togo means blessed or blessing
  • Victoire from Togo refers to the victory
  • Sarah in Uganda refers to a princess
  • Mercy which is also popular in Uganda means compassion, forgiveness or pity

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Most popular boys names

Some of the most common boys names in Africa are:

  • Joshua in Uganda means Yahweh is salvation
  • Brian which is popular in Uganda means High or noble
  • David is popular in Togo and it means beloved
  • Dagan from Togo means grain or little fish
  • Baraka from Tanzania means blessings
  • Daniel is also popular in Tanzania meaning God is my judge
  • Mugisha of Rwanda means luck
  • Brian is popular in Kenya and it refers to High or noble
  • Joseph which is also popular in Kenya means Jehovah increases
  • Emmanuel of Ghana means God is with us
  • Kofi of Ghana means born on a Friday
  • Bereket in Ethiopia means abundance
  • Samuel in Ethiopia means to be told by God
  • Aziz of Burkina Faso means Powerful and beloved
  • Moussa from Burkina Faso means to be delivered from the water


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Asia has its own set of unique baby names. Some of the most popular names in the region are used in different homesteads. Both boys and girls have specific names that stand out. Different countries in the continent base their naming on different things. For instance, the Chinese depend on historic events and zodiac years. In Thailand, the names are based on the intended fortune that parents wish on their children's future. The meaning of the names also influences their popularity in the region.

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Popular boys Asian names

The following are examples o popular boys names in Asia.

  • Hridoy of Bangladesh means heart
  • Bijoy of Bangladesh means full of joy
  • John trends in the Philippines and it means God is gracious
  • Mark is common in Philippines and refers to being warlike
  • Praveen of Sri Lanka means Loveable
  • Pavithran of Sri Lanka refers to a pure person or a person with no variation
  • Putra of Indonesia means Son
  • Kevin is an Indonesian popular name meaning gentle or handsome birth
  • Chai is from Thailand and it means tea or alive
  • Korn of Thailand means to be adorned with diamond or thunder

Popular girls Asian names

The most common girl names in the region include:

  • Joy is common in Bangladesh and it refers to the feeling of great pleasure and happiness
  • Puja in Bangladesh means reverence, honor, or homage
  • Princess in Philippines refers to the daughter of a monarch
  • Angel in Philippines is a messenger of God
  • Putri of Indonesia refers to a princess or daughter
  • Grace, which is common in Indonesia means eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, and mercy
  • Porn of Thailand means blessing
  • Ploy of Thailand means precious stone or gem
  • Nethmi of Sri Lanka means eyes like gems
  • Tharushi of Sri Lanka refers to the star or mother of stars

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Americans have their own set of popular names for girls and boys. These names seem to be the favorite choice of every new parent recently. However, it is important to note that depending on which side of the Americas you come from, different names trend there. The naming patterns are very distinct depending on which country you come from. This list contains general names for boys and girls in all of the Americas.

American names for girls

Some of the most common girls names in America, regardless of whether it is North, or South include:

  • Luz from Bolivia means light
  • Camila from Bolivia means young ceremonial attendant
  • Maria in Brazil means bitter or wished for child
  • Ana in Brazil refers to the grace
  • Sara in Colombia is a princess
  • Laura in Colombia is the Latin version of the ‘bay laurel plant.’ It symbolizes victory, honor or fame
  • Rose in Haiti means flower
  • Love in Haiti refers to Love or female wolf
  • Emily of Ecuador refers to an industrious woman
  • Genesis of Ecuador is the origin or beginning
  • Andrea of El Salvador is womanly
  • Daniela of El Salvador refers to God is my judge
  • Juana of Guatemala is the Spanish form of ‘John’, referring to God as gracious
  • Evelyn is Guatemala meaning wished for child
  • Nahomy in Honduras means pleasantness
  • Abigail in Honduras means the father's joy
  • Alexa in Mexico means to defend
  • Maria in Mexico refers to bitter or wished for child

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American boys names

American boys' names are also diverse. They include:

  • Anthony in Ecuador means highly praiseworthy
  • Erick of Ecuador is a ruler of the people
  • Kevin in El Salvador means gentle or handsome birth
  • Carlos of El Salvador is a free man
  • Jose from Bolivia is both Spanish and Portuguese version of ‘Joseph’, which means Jehovah increases
  • Luis from Bolivia refers to a renowned warrior
  • Pedro of Brazil is the Spanish version of ‘Peter’, which means the rock
  • Francisco of Brazil refers to a free man
  • Juan from Colombia is the Spanish version of ‘John’, that refers to the Lord being gracious
  • Luis in Colombia is a renowned warrior
  • Juan in Guatemala is the Spanish version of ‘John’, meaning the Lord is gracious
  • Carlos of Guatemala is a free man
  • Jean in Haiti means God is gracious
  • Stanley in Haiti means the dweller near a stony clearing
  • Jonathan in Honduras means Yahweh has given
  • Josue in Honduras means God is salvation
  • Jesus in Mexico means to deliver or rescue
  • Kevin in Mexico means gentle or handsome birth

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Apart from continental name popularity, it is worth mentioning top names in major countries of the world. These include:

  • Northern Ireland: James and Emily
  • The United States: Liam and Emma
  • Most popular girl’s name: Emma
  • Canada: Benjamin and Olivia
  • Australia: Oliver and Charlotte
  • New Zealand: Oliver and Charlotte
  • France: Gabriel and Louise
  • Spain: Hugo and Lucia
  • Italy: Francesco and Sofia
  • Denmark: Noah and Sofia
  • Norway: Jakob and Sofie
  • Sweden: William and Alice
  • Iceland: Alexander and Emilia
  • South Africa: Junior and Precious
  • Japan: Hiroshi and Nozomi
  • Russia: Alexandar and Sofia
  • Israel: Muhammed and Tamar
  • India: Muhammed and Saanvi

You will notice that some names keep recurring, hence showing their popularity globally. Depending on the region you come from, you can select the best and most popular name for a boy or girl in the area. Some of the most popular baby names do not have to be what you can easily come up with. In some cases, the names are unique and will make your baby stand out in a crowd.

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