9 photos of gorgeous model Laetitia using unique hairstyles to make statements

9 photos of gorgeous model Laetitia using unique hairstyles to make statements

- Letitia Ky learned how to braid her hair when she was five but never really fell in love with her mane

- Six years ago, the beauty decided to start making art with her hair after realising her kinks were mightier than a golden crown

- The lady communicated with fellow blacks using her art and when people started reaching out, she turned her hobby into a campaign

- She uses her hair, wires and threads to make cute figurines

Ivorian babe Laetitia Ky has been described as the Picasso of hairstyles as she has mastered the art of communication with no words and through her hair.

The model who has 293k followers on Instagram knows just how to speak volumes with the flick of her wrist.

The beauty who is often in braids and protective styling tries her best to come up with the most unique, untried and unexpected hairdos that sometimes resemble cartoon characters.

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She puts smiles on people’s faces by representing the struggles and triumphs of black women using her artistic abilities.

1. Letitia sometimes raises her friends’ spirits by transforming their simple braids into crowns or figurines fully fitted with ears, dresses and hands.

While other people choose to mold clay into creative caricatures, this beauty sits down, plaits her hair and creates some of the most hilarious works of art.

2. Angels and devils, dogs and cats, power puff girls, birds and bulbs, these are just some of the many creations she has made ever since she gave birth to the idea.

3. To make the sculptures look more realistic, Laetitia uses wires and thread to fasten them.

She started making art with her mane when she finally embraced her kinky hair and loved her black roots.

4. Growing up, the imaginative lady did not love her fro that much and never associated it to beauty.

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5. But as soon as she grew and saw the beauty in her flaws and strength in her features, Laetitia knew she had to speak to fellow black girls.

6. But words would never be enough so art came in handy.

7. Her mother taught her how to braid her hair when the artist was just five years old.

8. When she started posting her content on social media for fun, her fans began streaming her DM with messages thanking her for allowing them to love their roots.

9. At this point, Laetitia knew her purpose was bigger than her and she turned her hobby into a campaign.


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