Rosamond Asiamah: Meet Ghana's first female police officer

Rosamond Asiamah: Meet Ghana's first female police officer

- A lot of Ghanaian women were inspired by Rosamond Asiamah, the first female police officer in Ghana

- Asiamah was recruited into the police force in 1952

- The 90-year-old woman is an important part of the history of Ghana

Rosamond Asiamah is Ghana's first female police officer, and her life inspired many Ghanaian women into joining the police force.

She joined the force in 1952 and became known for fighting for the rights of her fellow policewomen. gathers that at 90-years-old, Asiamah has become an important part of the history of Ghana.

In other news, Kimberly and Priscilla Addison are two Ghanaian sisters who have built their own cocoa processing company called 57 Chocolate that produces tons of chocolates all made by hand.

According to a short documentary sighted by on, the 57 Chocolate sisters had been living abroad until 2014 when they decided to return to Ghana and rather help the country.

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In 2016, the Addisons started 57 chocolate and only four years on, the company is able to process 1 ton of cocoa to produce 1,000 handmade chocolates on a weekly basis.

Demand on their products is so high that they are able to export to Asia, America, Europe and other parts of Africa.

Meanwhile, previously reported that the humble background of one of America’s oil tycoons, Stephen Hightower, evokes massive inspiration for many who have dreams of pursuing careers in the petroleum industry.

As the president and CEO of Hightowers Petroleum, he is noted as one of America’s top oil tycoons with $434 (N158,844,000,000) million in revenue. Things did not start easy for him as it appears.

Hightower first started out as a janitor working nights and weekends for his parents’ cleaning venture. He cleaned floors and toilets, doing things that most people would never dream of doing.

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In 1978, Hightower graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and he began his own small construction company.

Amid herculean struggles and with access to credit, he studied a programme about how to sell gas in Ohio.

From the hurdles he encountered managing the construction firm, he birthed an oil and transport business called Hightowers Petroleum in 1983. ( -> We have updated to serve you better

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