Travel destinations in South Africa

Travel destinations in South Africa

South Africa boasts some of the world’s best travel destinations. Most of these destinations are not rich in African culture, but also scenic views. From watching the immense South African game available at the Kruger National Park to walking on the Addington beach, there’s a lot to see on a South African safari. While around, you can also visit the neighbouring Lesotho, which is known for the scenic Maletsunyane Waterfalls. Even better, the Lesotho Sun casino will be ready to welcome you for a poker hand or two.

Travel destinations in South Africa

Here are the best places you’ll want to visit if you’re organizing a South African Safari:

Vilakazi Street, Soweto

Nobel Prize Laureates Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu once lived in this famous street. Up to date, Desmond Tutu, the Archbishop, owns a house in Vilakazi Street. Today, house number 8115, which was initially Madiba’s, is Mandela’s Family Museum. The street became famous due to a massive increase in the number of students.

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Following the killing of protestor Hector Pieterson in 1976, the street became more historical to the South African Communities. Visitors can also sample out traditional dishes in the available restaurants here as well as enjoy local TV and Radio Stations. The most fascinating is the Soweto TV that broadcasts straight from Soweto Primary School.

Fancourt, George

Fancourt is among Africa’s premier golfing destinations having ranked as the top golfing court in the world by Golf Digest USA. It sits on a magnificent Garden Route. Facing the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains, the resort claims 613 hectares of lavish countryside greenbelt. The lush environs offer a golfing experience worth trying especially at the end of a long working season.

Orange River

The bunks of Orange River transform into a colourful landscape full of flowers after a rainy winter season. During this time, the river gives every visitor endless exploring options. Half-day River rafting from Upington to Oukamps comes with an irresistible offer for anyone wishing to take on these trips to experience nature. The river cuts through the Green Kalahari, giving a clear view of the arid surroundings.

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Sani Pass

Famously known as the “roof of Africa”, Sani Pass is among South Africa’s most significant mountain passes. From here, you can have a magnificent view of the Drakensberg Mountains. The top pub in the world sits right there at 2874m above the sea level. The pass is found in KwaZulu-Natal, almost to the Lesotho Border.

Hikers and mountain bikers find inexhaustible fun at Sani Pass. It only takes about two hours to get to the top-a short but ample time to explore. So, within that period, climbers fully enjoy their time on the way up and down. Fun is climaxed by the Sani Pass Hotel that serves numerous dishes, not forgetting the traditional ones.


About two hours’ drive from Johannesburg heading towards Kruger National Park, you are sure to find Dullstroom. The place has sceneries like sparkling rivers, lakes, streams not to mention fishing sports. Mpumalanga, as the locals call it, also provides the visitors with two species of fish- Rainbow trout, and Brown trout. The area also has a large number of wildflowers, rare species of cranes, and other animals that are hard to find on the planet. On top of offering relaxation deals like fishing, Dullstroom has other upcountry events, horse riding, and bird viewing.


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