Top 20 best Simpsons episodes of all time

Top 20 best Simpsons episodes of all time

Choosing the best Simpsons episodes out of more than 600 that have been aired to date is no easy task. This show has outlived most of its fans and continues to attract a large following due to its humor and accurate portrayal of real-life situations.

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Have you been wondering, "Where can I watch all the Simpsons episodes?" At the moment, all the completed seasons of this animation can only be viewed on Disney+ at a fee. Should you choose to relive your childhood, here is a list of Simpsons episodes worth watching.

Best Simpsons episodes ranked

The lives of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have been intriguing and sometimes amusing to watch. These 20 funniest Simpsons episodes prove why the show will go down in history as one of the greatest animations.

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20. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1 (season 6, episode 25)

Oil is discovered in Springfield and Mr. Burns is on a mission to have sole drilling rights. When he is denied ownership, he sets up a slant drilling operation that harms all the residents. There are toxic fumes and oil bursts.

Meanwhile, Homer is growing increasingly frustrated because his boss does not know his name. He has been working for Burns for years, but the man never seems to address him properly. Homer confronts him about it and a scuffle ensues.

The townspeople call Burns for a meeting to address his illegal side drilling venture. Burns comes armed with a gun due to his earlier scuffle with Homer. It is not long before the businessman walks into a dark alley and emerges with a gunshot wound.

19. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2 (season 7, episode 1)

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Burns is nursing his gunshot wound in a hospital while the police search for his assailant. They eliminate all suspects, leaving Homer. A raid on the Simpson’s house confirms their doubts; they find a gun with Homer’s fingerprints.

Homer is arrested but he manages to escape while in transit. He heads to the hospital and is found shaking Mr. Burns. Before he is arrested, Mr. Burns wakes up and confesses that he was shot by Maggie.

While trying to take her lollipop away from her, Burns had dropped his gun into her lap. The gun fired accidentally. Although Burns demands that Maggie be arrested, the policemen refuse on grounds that no jury would convict an infant.

18. A Star is Burns (season 6, episode 18)

When Springfield is named the least cultural city in the US, Marge suggests that the town hosts a film festival. Mare, Homer, Jay Sherman, Krusty the Clown and Mayor Quimby are on the judges panel.

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Barney Gumble, Hans Moleman and Mr. Burns among other townspeople showcase their films. While Gumble’s is an immediate favorite, the film by Mr. Burns does not get a good reception. His attempts to bribe the judges fail and Gumble’s film wins.

Mr, Burns is not deterred by this; he submits his film to the Academy Awards and bribes all the Hollywood judges. He does not win and this angers him further.

17. Homer the Great (season 6, episode 12)

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At work, Homer notices that his friends have inexplicable privileges. Upon investigation, he discovers that they are members of the Stonecutters, a secret society for descendants of skilled tradesmen.

When he found out that his father was a Stonecutter, homer does not hesitate to join the society and enjoy its privileges. At the society’s dinner, he accidentally destroys the Sacred Parchment. As punishment, he is stripped naked.

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Before he leaves, members notice that he has a birthmark which identifies him as the Chosen One. They immediately crown him as their new leader. His membership does not last long; he is soon secluded after suggesting that members do community service work.

16. The Boy Who Knew Too Much (season 5, episode 20)

Bart skips school and hides in Freddy Quimby’s car. While in hiding, he witnesses an incident where Freddy makes fun of a waiter for mispronouncing the word chowder. The waiter accidentally falls, injures himself and blames Quimby.

Quimby is charged with assault but Bart knows that the waiter is accusing him falsely. Because his school principal is on the jury, Bart is too scared to testify for Quimby. He knows that he would have to confess that he skipped school.

Lisa encourages him to testify. The waiter denies that he is accident-prone but immediately falls out of the window, proving Bart right. Quimby gets acquitted.

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15. Homer at the Bat (season 3, episode 17)

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Due to an unsuccessful previous season, the workers at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant are reluctant to sign up for the softball team. Convincing them that his homemade bat will help them win, Homer influences the workers to sign up.

Thanks to Homer and his bat, the team sails through to the championship. Mr. Burns hires professional players to replace his workers but they all bail out before the game. Although he was on the bench for the finals, Homer is hailed as the hero after the ball hits him in the head and forces the winning run.

14. A Milhouse Divided (season 8, episode 6)

Milhouse’s parents get a divorce causing Homer to examine his marriage to Marge. Because he is worried that he has not been a good husband, he performs selfless gestures for Marge which only annoys her.

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Homer secretly files for divorce and decides to give Marge a fresh start. He plans a perfect wedding and they are remarried in the presence of their family members.

13. Deep Space Homer (season 5, episode 15)

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In one of the top Simpsons episodes, Homer is disappointed when Mr. Burns gives the Worker of the Week award to an inanimate carbon rod. He decides to watch TV to brighten his mood only to find a boring broadcast about the Space Shuttle launch.

When Homer calls NASA to complain, the organization decides to send him to space in order to improve their TV ratings. Typical Homer fumbles in the space shuttle and causes the hatch to blow open. Luckily, he hangs on to a carbon rod and uses it to seal the hatch.

On coming back to earth, he is disappointed when the press acknowledges the carbon rod as the hero instead of him.

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12. Last Exit to Springfield (season 4, episode 17)

When Mr. Burns revokes his worker's dental plan, Homer speaks up and reminds the workers how much the plan has helped them in the past. He is only doing this because Lisa needs braces and he does not want to pay for them.

The workers agree with him and elect him as the union’s president. Mr. Burns coerces, threatens and even kidnaps Homer while trying to convince him to step down from the presidency. When Homer gets frustrated and tries to resign at the next union meeting, the workers strike.

Eventually, Mr. Burns gives in to their demands and reinstates the dental plan on the condition that Homer resigns. Lisa gets her braces. The family’s raucous laughter in a room filled with laughing gas makes this one of the best episodes of The Simpsons.

11. Bart’s Inner Child (season 5, episode 7)

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An incident with a trampoline forces Homer and Marge to seek the services of self-help guru, Brad Goodman. They learn how to express their frustrations better and even get along.

They decide to attend Goodman’s lectures with Bart hoping to curb his unruly behavior. However, when Bart rudely interrupts the lecture, Goodman commends his free-spirited attitude and encourages everyone to learn from him.

The townspeople start acting unruly, doing as they please and ignoring the consequences. They decide to hold a “Do What You Feel Festival” which backfires because the workers didn’t feel like erecting the structures properly.

A riot ensues, and the Simpsons return home. They conclude that everyone is fine as they are and that there’s no need to change them.

10. Lisa the Vegetarian (season 7, episode 5)

After visiting the petting zoo and falling in love with a cute lamb, Lisa refuses to eat the lamb chops Marge serves for dinner. She declares her decision to become a vegetarian.

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Lisa’s decision is met with relentless mocking at home and criticism at school. The principal labels her as an agitator for requesting for vegan food at the cafeteria. Homer decides to host a barbeque and Lisa makes a vegetable salad for the guests.

The guests are unimpressed by the salad. Lisa’s breaking point comes when Homer flips a burger into her room. She takes off with the barbequed pig and dumps it into the river.

While at the local supermarket, she meets a vegan couple who show her the error of her ways, advising her not to force her opinion on people.

9. Homer’s Enemy (season 8, episode 23)

Frank Grimes is the newest employee at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He notices Homer’s ignorance and incompetence and wonders how the man has such a comfortable life. Grimes is annoyed that, unlike Homer, he has had to work hard all his life.

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To prove that Homer is ignorant and dumb, Grimes tricks him into entering a children’s contest to design a nuclear power plant. Much to his disappointment, Homer wins the competition.

He throws a tantrum and accidentally grabs high voltage wires which electrocute him. During Grimes's funeral, Homer sleep-talks and amuses the attendees.

8. Bart Gets an Elephant (season 5, episode 17)

Upon winning a radio contest, Bart has to choose between a $10,000 cash prize and a fully grown African elephant. He chooses the latter, much to the surprise of the radio DJs who had no elephant to give away. Eventually, they find one and deliver it to the Simpsons’ home.

Bart soon realizes that keeping an elephant as a pet is expensive. Homer and Marge decide that the elephant, now named Stampy, has to go. Homer refuses to donate him for free to a non-profit game reserve. He prefers selling him to Blackheart, an ivory dealer.

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To prevent this, Bart flees with Stampy to a tar pit. Homer pursues them only to get stuck in the pit and get saved by Stampy. He finally agrees to give the elephant for free to the non-profit.

7. Lisa’s Substitute (season 2, episode 19)

When Lisa’s teacher gets Lyme disease, the class gets Mr. Bergstorm as a substitute. Lisa quickly falls in love with his unique teaching methods and friendly demeanor. Mr. Bergstorm becomes a critical influence in Lisa’s life when he takes Homer aside and suggests that he should be a more positive role model.

Meanwhile, Bert is in the running for class president. He wins the class over with his jokes. Because they are so sure of Bert’s victory, none of the students vote and this gives his opponent the win with two votes.

When Mr. Bergstorm leaves abruptly, Lisa is devastated. She takes out her grief on Homer and calls him a baboon. To her surprise, Homer goes out of his way to cheer her up. Homer is on a roll; he also goes to Bert’s room and consoles him about the lost election.

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Finally, he passes by Maggie’s room and replaces her pacifier. That night, Homer goes to bed feeling very accomplished.

6. Lemon of Troy (season 6, episode 24)

The sixth installment is often touted as one of the best Simpsons seasons, and with good reason. A number of funny episodes, including Lemon of Troy, are in it.

When Springfield’s lemon tree is stolen by rowdy boys from the neighboring town of Shelbyville, Bart and his friends vow to find it and bring it back. After a long search, they find the tree in an impound lot. Back home, Homer and other men get into an RV and begin looking for the boys.

On arrival at Shelbyville, the fathers join their sons in demanding for the tree back. The impound lot owner refuses, so the men hatch an elaborate plan to steal the tree. Their plan succeeds and they head back home to celebrate with sugary lemonade.

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The Shelbyville locals make up a story about the lemon tree being haunted to cover the embarrassment of losing. Instead of lemonade, they drink turnip juice which everyone finds disgusting.

5. Homer Goes to College (season 5, episode 3)

Homer’s job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is on the line when he accidentally causes a nuclear meltdown. Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission insist that he has to get college training, so he enrolls at Springfield University.

At the university, Homer tries to experience all the college clichés he had seen in the movies. He insults the dean and pulls a prank on a rival university. In the process, he gets his friends expelled and tries to make up for it by letting them live with his family.

Marge will have none of this and forces Homer to evict them. Although lives his entire college life as a joke, flunks the exams and is forced to get tutors, he eventually graduates. At the graduation ceremony, he pulls his pants down and flashes the audience.

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4. You Only Move Twice (season 8, episode 2)

Homer lands a new job at the Globex Corporation that requires him to move his family to Cypress Creek. Marge and the kids are hesitant at first but quickly give in once they realize that life at Cypress Creek will be much better.

On arrival, Bart finds schoolwork too difficult, Lisa is allergic to all the wildlife and Marge is bored because all the house chores are automated leaving her with nothing to do all day. Although Homer gets along well with his boss and even tells him about his dream of one day owning the Dallas Cowboys, he cannot ignore his family’s discomfort.

Meanwhile, his boss is running evil schemes which include extorting the United Nations Security Council. When Homer goes to quit his job, he finds the company headquarters under assault by the United States Army Special Forces. His boss advises him to do what’s best for his family.

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When the Simpsons return to Springfield, Homer receives the Denver Broncos as a present from his boss who had successfully escaped the assault by the Special Forces. Homer's cluelessness makes this one of the best episodes of The Simpsons.

3.The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (season 8, episode 14)

Krusty the Clown complains that his ratings are dropping because The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show has lost its appeal. In an effort to amp up the show, the producer introduces Poochie, a stylish dog who can rap and surf.

Homer is chosen to voice Poochie but this does not end well. Viewers find Poochie’s character unlikeable and the producer decides to kill him off. Homer makes a failed attempt to save Poochie by going off script and asking the audience to give him a second chance. However, the producer edits this plea out of the aired version.

Homer is disappointed and attributes Poochie’s demise to the fickle nature of show business. But this is not the end of the road for the canine; his doppelganger later appears in the Simpson’s household.

2. Marge Vs. The Monorail (season 4, episode 12)

Marge is on a mission to save the town from the schemes of a dubious salesman called Lyle Lanley. When Mr. Burns is fined for dumping nuclear waste at the park, the townspeople hold a meeting to decide how to spend the money. Marge suggests the renovation of the town’s roads, but Lanley has other ideas.

In the guise of building a railway, Lanley intends to skim money from the project and deliver a faulty train. Marge’s investigation leads her to discover the salesman’s scams and she tries to stop him.

Meanwhile, Lanley has chartered a plane and tries to escape to Tahiti. His plans are foiled when he makes an unexpected stopover in one of the towns he had stolen from and is attacked by the locals.

1.Cape Feare (season 5, episode 2)

What is the funniest episode of The Simpsons? It is a satire of America's justice system and police force. Cape Feare is all about Bart's close encounter with death.

From his jail cell, Sideshow Bob pens bloody death threats to Bart. Although he has a tattoo that says “die Bart die” the parole board grants his release, and the villain promptly begins executing his revenge mission.

While at a theater, the family grows increasingly irritated by the raucous laughter from a cigar-smoking man seated in front of them. They approach him only to discover that he is Sideshow Bob. Homer tries, unsuccessfully, to protect Bart using the police and private investigators.

Eventually, the family goes into witness protection at Terror Lake. This location is in reference to Cape Fear, the 60s thriller movie. Bob follows them by hiding beneath their car. He sneaks up on the family, ties everyone up and tries to kill Bart. His plan fails and he is arrested and sent back to jail.

It is worth mentioning that the best season of The Simpsons is the fourth one. It has a majority of the show's funniest and most relatable scenes. However, as this list of Simpsons episodes has proven, you should take the time to watch more than one season.

The best Simpsons episodes are more than the ones listed here. Because the show has given fans so much to laugh about for so many years, rewatching these 20 episodes is the best trip down memory lane that you can take.


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