10 most valuable NFL teams

10 most valuable NFL teams

It is yet another year for American football lovers to learn about the most valuable NFL teams. Not much has changed from last year and, according to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable NFL team.

Most valuable NFL teams
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What is the value of all NFL teams? The NFL generates more revenue than any other professional sport. In 2018, for example, the league made $14.48 billion, and this is roughly $452 million per NFL team.

In 2019, its revenues improved by 11% and so there was an excess of $2.86 billion over what was reported in 2018. Judging by this trend, the league is likely to better 2019's revenue by the end of 2020. The list below covers the richest NFL clubs in order.

Most valuable NFL teams ranked

What is the average value of an NFL team? Here is the latest ranking of NFL team net worth according to Forbes.

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10. Philadelphia Eagles ($3.05 billion)

Richest NFL teams Forbes
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The last spot on this list goes to the Philadelphia Eagles. They have earned their current position, given that their projected revenue last year was $482 million. Like the Texans, the Eagles team value has improved by almost a billion dollars from 2014, which is an 11% increment.

The Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1993, and so it is relatively young. It was bought a year later by Jeffrey Lurie for only $185 million.

This club takes pride in their MVPs who are Brandon Brooks, Malcolm Jenkins, and Fletcher Fox. They won the 2018 Super Bowl, and their fans are historically known to be the most intimidating.

9. Houston Texans ($3.1 billion)

The Houston Texans have lived under the shadows of the Dallas Cowboys for ages, and it appears that they just cannot beat them, at least not in the list of NFL team values. However, it is quite impressive that they rank in this list amidst local competition.

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The club has seen its value improve by almost a billion dollars between 2014 and now. By the end of the year, they are expected to better the current $3.1 billion. Last year alone, the team's worth improved by 11%.

Having been created in 1999, the Texans are among the youngest clubs in the NFL. They only started playing professional football in 2002. So, ranking among the top 10 richest teams is nothing short of incredible. Sadly though, the clubs founder Bob McNair passed on in 2018, leaving 80% of the team's ownership to his lovely wife, Janice.

Texans are the only club in NFL history not to appear in any conference championships despite playing in the playoffs six times. Their MVP is quarterback Derrick Deshaun.

8. New York Jets ($3.2 billion)

Richest NFL teams in order
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The Jets is among the top two richest NFL teams in New York. It comes second after the Giants. So, New Yorkers have a genuine reason to smile. Both sides share the MetLife Arena, which means more revenue generation for the stadium.

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The Jets have had an exciting journey to stardom. Woody Johnson bought the club for $635 million in 2000, not knowing that it would be worth $3.2 billion 20 years later. Thanks to their mega sponsors who include 888.com, Avocado from Peru, and MGM Resorts, there is constant cash injection into the club.

The staff is paid well, and the revenue keeps rising. Last year, the team's salary allocation catered for 55 contract players. The NY Jets has only appeared in one Super Bowl, which it won in 1969. The current MVP is Jamal Adams.

7. Washington Redskins ($3.4 billion)

If we compare the current to the previous list of the richest NFL teams ranked, the Washington Redskins have dropped two positions. It is worth noting, however, that it's their position that has declined (because the two teams above them made more money last year) but not their team value.

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From 2018, their value has improved by 10%, and this explains the $3.4 billion value. Daniel Snyder owns the club. He bought 65% of the NFL club for $800 million in 1999, and this is reported to be the most expensive NFL transaction in history.

Under Snyder's leadership, the Redskins have not enjoyed as much success on the pitch as the other teams in this list. They have missed playoffs for 15 out of 20 seasons since 1999. The club is also struggling to get fans to attend home games - it has the 6th worst attendance numbers in the League.

The club was founded in Boston. It has won the Super Bowl only three times, with the last victory registered in 1992. Their MVP is Terry McLaurin.

6. Chicago Bears ($3.45 billion)

Most valuable NFL franchises
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Like the Los Angeles Rams, the Chicago Bears saw its worth improve by 19% in 2019. The $3.45 billion value estimation is a clear indicator of the team's success over the years.

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Last year, the team was reported to have made $22 million more than what they made in 2018. The next time Forbes ranks the richest American football clubs, the Chicago Bears will probably feature with a higher net worth.

While their high-grossing arena has a hand in the impressive market number, we cannot overlook the team's sponsors. Xfinity, Under Armour, and others have increased their valuation in the recent past. Their generosity has boosted the team financially, and it is one reason why the Bears are at position 6.

We also cannot forget to give credit to their MVPs: Allen Robinson, Khalil Mack, and Kyle Fuller. They are behind the team's impressive performance. The McCaskey family owns the Chicago Bears.

Since joining the NFL, the Bears have only managed one Super Bowl success, and it dates back to 1986. Despite this, they enjoy wins in other championship games.

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5. San Francisco 49ers ($3.5 billion)

Richest NFL teams
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The San Francisco 49ers have ascended the list of rich NFL teams fast in the last few years. After registering a 15% value spike in 2019, they surely deserve to be at position five. The $3.5 billion estimated net worth is a record value for the club. Never in their history have they recorded such an amount.

49ers play their home games at the mighty Levi's Stadium, one of the biggest and most modern sports arenas in the United States. It is ordinarily a 68,500-seater but can allow up to 75,000 spectators.

With such flexibility, the San Francisco 49ers have the opportunity of improving their revenue. Denis DeBartolo York and John York are co-owners of the club.

Besides the NFL, Levi's Stadium is also popular with non-NFL sports such as Wrestle Mania, soccer, and ice hockey. Overall, the 49ers are among the best-paying clubs in the NFL, and the biggest contributor to their success is quarterback MVP Jimmy Garoppolo.

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4. Los Angeles Rams ($3.8 billion)

The LA Rams are unstoppable in and out of the pitch. The team's value has improved considerably over the last six years. Between 2015 and 2019, the team grew its worth from $1.45 billion to about $3.8 billion.

If you are keen on numbers, that is a 19% surge. The LA Rams are likely to be among the top three most valuable NFL franchises by this time next year if their revenue streams remain consistent.

They currently have a $5 billion stadium, which is one of its kind in NFL history. The expansive SoFi Arena is a significant source of revenue, and it might help the team reach the $4 billion mark in earnings by the end of the year.

The Rams have not won the Super Bowl since 2000, but they are still a great football team in the United States. Their MVP is Aaron Donald, who happens to take home a whopping $17 million salary.

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The club is owned by Stanley Kroenke, the man who owns Arsenal FC of the Premier League, among many other sports clubs. The Rams came together in 1937 in Cleveland before moving to LA 9 years later. They moved to St. Luis for 20 years before returning to LA.

3. New York Giants ($3.9 billion)

NFL team values
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The New York Giants deserve their current position after registering an 18% value markup in 2019. The team is now worth $3.9 billion, which is irrefutably remarkable, considering its history.

The NY Giants was founded by Tim Mara in 1925 for only $500 and has remained a family business ever since. Today, the team is co-owned by Tim's grandson John Mara and film producer Steve Tisch.

The NY Giants also go by the name G-Men or Big Blue. It was initially known as the New York National League Football Company before changing to the New York Giants.

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They have won the Super Bowl four times, last in 2012. The club is among the first ones to join the National Football League, in 1925. Its most valuable player was quarterback Eli Manning who ended his career in January 2020.

Have you heard of the MetLife Arena? Well, this famous 82,500-capacity stadium is home to the New York Giants and is a crucial revenue generator for them. The stadium is also associated with other sports and non-sports related events

2. New England Patriots ($4.1 billion)

Having improved their revue by 8% in 2019, the New England Patriots occupy position two. The NFL team's net worth is estimated to be $4.1 billion, and this is partly attributable to them winning the 2019 Super Bowl.

Over the years, the Patriots have participated in 11 Super Bowls and have managed to win six of them. This is an impressive record.

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Because of this recent conquest, everyone in the American football world is talking about Tom Brady, the Patriot's MVP. He enjoys a cap hit of about $22 million.

The club was founded in 1959 and joined the NFL in 1970. It was purchased by the present owner Robert Kraft for $172 million in 1994, a record amount at the time. Its market value has increased greatly over the years.

The Boston-based NFL club plays its home matches at the Gillette Stadium. It moved to the ground in 2001 after leaving the Foxboro Arena.

1. Dallas Cowboys ($5.5 billion)

Richest American football teams
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Talk about consistency – the Dallas Cowboys has been the most consistent NFL team on and off the pitch. Following its 1989 acquisition by Jerry Jones, who is still the current owner, the Cowboys' market value has improved tremendously.

It enjoys massive sponsorship deals from PepsiCo, Ford Motor, and Dr. Pepper, just to name a few. It also boasts of having Dak Prescott, one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Prescott, who is the club's most valuable player, is currently in the best shape of his NFL life. So long as he does not suffer any career-threatening injury and remains with the Cowboys, the club will stand a chance of retaining the top spot among the richest NFL teams Forbes.

Another reason why the Dallas Cowboys tops this list is because of the revenue generated from renting out its state-of-the-art AT&T stadium. The arena is highly sought after for concerts, performances, and many other events.

Since it's inception, the team has won the Super Bowl five times. Unfortunately, they have not made it to this popular annual championship game since their last win in 1996. Overall, they have competed in 8 Super Bowls and 33 playoffs.

Stadium revenues, Super Bowl wins and sponsorship deals are behind the worth of the most valuable NFL teams. The more productive clubs attract the best players and sponsors, and this improves their net worth. It remains to be seen which ones will improve their ranking and popularity in the coming seasons.

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