Best things to build in Minecraft: 20 coolest ideas

Best things to build in Minecraft: 20 coolest ideas

Are you looking for things to build in Minecraft that will keep you busy for days? From mansions to castles, there is no limit to what you can build once you set your mind to it. Minecrafters are some of the most ingenuous people out there, and some of their creations have inspired this list of cool ideas you can use.

Things to build in Minecraft
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To make this fun for you, we have compiled 20 diverse Minecraft ideas that cater for every gamer regardless of age and experience.

What are some fun things to build in Minecraft?

Trying out new stuff can be really fun and is an amazing way to spend your time. Here are useful things to build in Minecraft that are definitely worth it.

1. A mansion

You can opt to put up a bedroom, storage area, grand staircases, hallway, and many other intricate details while building a mansion. We gave this the number one spot to encourage you to exhaust all creative elements of Minecraft house ideas. Have you tried coming up with a cute picket fence or a pleasant lawn with a breathtaking fountain?

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2. Trees

One of the best inspirations for a cool Minecraft creation is from actual trees. For custom trees, you need a good amount of leaves and wood. Consider putting together different leaf types to bring out different parts of the tree perfectly.

For instance, you can use darker wood to build roots or grooves. Adding some glowstone to your leaves keeps the tree lit up.

3. A city

Minecraft house ideas
Image:, @mcraft_builds
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Just like a mansion, a city project gives you many angles from which to execute Minecraft build ideas. You should use a shared server that can build gorgeous modern towns. The model is complete with roadways, green spaces, traffic lights, and interiors.

Things to build in Minecraft city include modern city skyscrapers, parks, footpaths, paved roads, and lamp posts. This is a big project that will demand a fair amount of time.

You should be ready for repetitive building because you have to add several floors if you choose to build skyscrapers. For a more rewarding experience, build in other advanced modes instead of survival Minecraft.

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Most of the cool things to build in Minecraft for a modern city will be found in Creative Mode. Server plugins like WorldEdit come in handy by allowing you to replicate large areas and use unique tools. If you cannot access it, invite your friends in the game and put something together in Survival Mode.

Another Minecraft idea is to construct an underground city. Look for a large subversive ravine or make use of a TnT to carve out a huge hole, then build a city underground. Decorate it with windows, pillars, water or molten rock, and suspend vines.

It is going to be a lot of work, especially if you must retrieve grander areas for farmsteads and budding trees. However, all your effort will pay off when you complete this creation.

4. A farm

Having a farm in Minecraft is the best way to produce food and groceries for personal consumption. One idea is to make a modest farm with areas for the basics, such as trees and wheat. If you want a more challenging project, build a fancy country house outdoors, complete with a windmill and shed.

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Cool Minecraft houses would have an interior or underground farmstead, but this calls for more time and work. To pull out all the stops you should consider building a glass greenhouse, with natural light for growing your crops.

5. A library

Create a building and adorn it with bookshelves, red carpets, hard but shiny wood, and sullied glass. One of the best Minecraft base ideas is creating a cozy corner in the room that is lined with a plush pillow for nighttime reading. For other cool effects, use pistons to fashion hidden passageways just after the bookcases.

6. Miniature games

To play miniature games, you should either build yours and invite friends or select one from the numerous existing Minecraft mini game servers.

To build your own game, have a clear understanding of the information required. For instance, a tic-tac-toe game uses nine squares to accept three values (X, O, or blank).

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Next, you will attach the player's input to this information. Visualize how each player's actions affect the game, from flipping levers to defeating enemies.

Finally, attach the deposited information to an output, which updates as required. For instance, if you have a variable that indicates when a level is complete, join the variable to a device that progresses the level when powered.

Some common games you can build include spleef, arena fighting, and capture-the-flag. You can also try course games such as boat races, race tracks, and parkour.

7. Ferris wheel

Usually, ferris wheels are made of wood, but you can try being creative and building one using iron bars or just netherrack. It can be of any size but make sure that you stick to a loop generator to shape a perfectly sized wheel. It is more exciting when you come up with a colorful design.

8. Castle

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The first item you should build in this game is a shelter. Minecraft castle ideas are very popular with players at both advanced and amateur levels.

Is there a better way to say that you have mastered the game than building an epic castle? You get the added advantage for putting it somewhere cool, like on a mountain or in the sea.

Minecraft castle ideas
Image:, @mcraft_build
Source: Instagram

Castles are an easy build since materials like wood and stones are easy to find. The castle's design can be anything from a small bastion, some connected towers, or just a city with a massive wall.

You can enhance its appeal with water, streams, botanical gardens, fountains, a wood gate, or lava moat. You can also include walls and channels to guard your base against mobs.

9. Pirate ship

Building a pirate ship is one of the most creative things to do in Minecraft. Successfully putting together such an enormous ship showcases your aptness plus your technical know-how of extensive projects.

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If you are looking to rule the seas, build your ship intricately from one layer to the next. You can achieve different effects by varying the color of the wood. Having a lighter wood on the ship's body and a darker one at the point where the ship touches water gives a stunning appearance.

Having some creepers or moss-covered stone next to the ship's base results in a rustic effect. You can also consider building a pirate ship with its own seawater, complete with a vast island and a pirate port with a pub.

10. Maze

You can build a maze out of hedges and place it in a garden. Green wool, birch leaves, lime wool, oak leaves, jungle leaves, and spruce leaves can each make great material for the hedge. The entrances and exits can be made of spruce wood, oak wood, jungle wood or birch wood.

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You can also build a maze in the basement or inside of buildings. Use pistons to add unique features. These pistons could be dispensers shooting arrows, or mutable walls. At the end of the maze, there should be a reward chest with something exciting in it.

11. Bridge

Things to build in Minecraft
Image:, @mcraft_builds
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If your home biome is not a desert or savanna biome, then a bridge is definitely in the list of important Minecraft build ideas. A traversing waterway comes in handy, so you should craft it in style. A guileless boulder slab bridge is effective and blends well with the trail leading out from all sides.

You can, however, create an unassuming stone channel or a sophisticated wooden antiquated bridge. Either way, a bridge will be a great addition to your town or base. It also proves your ability to put together functional designs.

12. Functional computer with RAM

Redstone circuitry is one of the most enthralling features of Minecraft. It is a favorite for players looking to control mine cart transportation, light, passageways, makeshift machinery, and automatic doors.

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Only a few players have made operational computers within Minecraft that can do basic math. These computers can consign 16 lines of cryptograph into "RAM" memory, do division, and present a hexadecimal code. Creating one of these is a mind-bending computer science achievement that is certainly not for the faint of heart.

13. The city of Babylon

There are many Babylonian city designs one can use. You can recreate the Lion of Babylon statue and have the setting desert sun as its backdrop. Another idea would be to have the Hanging Gardens of Babylon within your city. This is a great chance to learn the history behind some of the world's tourist attractions.

14. Lord of the Rings

There are two unique things you can do in Minecraft when recreating scenes from the Lord of the Rings. You can build Minas Tirith or Mines of Moria.

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In Minas Tirith, you will recreate the location of the classic battle from The Return of the King in meticulous detail. In Mines of Moria, you can construct the detailed Dwarven remnants after The Fellowship of the Ring.

15. Sky fortress

Know how it feels to soar up in the air by creating a regal sky home. It does not have to be a simple house, you can go all out and build a detailed fortress. You do not need tutorials to make this magnificent building; just invoke your imagination and come up with the kind of fortress you envision yourself living in.

16. Bunk bed

What's a house without furniture? To complete your cozy home, you must have bunk beds. Every single player has attempted to build these at some point because they do not require a lot of effort or material. You can easily stretch your imagination and come up with some of the most unique Minecraft bunk beds ever made.

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17. Cathedral

Minecraft building ideas
Image:, @mcraft_builds
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What is your favorite cathedral to begin with? If you do not have a favorite, consider using the Nether Cathedral as an inspiration. This architectural beauty stands inside the dark, eerie dimension of The Nether and has enough details to keep you busy for a while.

Erecting such a cathedral in Minecraft is thought-provoking, especially when done in Survival mode. However, this project is quite hectic and requires time and patience.

18. A dam

Both large and small dams bring out a stunning landscape. Have you ever thought about building a dam to bridge the gap between different water heights? It will speak of your skill as an expert builder. You can use player agents to move and place blocks in any direction. You can also rely on them to return to the player when needed.

19. Wooden dojo

Say yes to a huge, old-fashioned wooden dojo! Initially, dojos were made from wood. Since the advent of prismarine slabs and concrete cultured blocks, designers have so much creative space to tinker with hue and design.

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It is your choice on whether to go short, tall or have an additional striking center plug to municipalities or settlements. Just ensure it blends with the base background. Do not shy from creating a huge oriental dojo for decorating a modern city.

20. Pixel art

There are two brilliant ideas you can explore for pixel art. You can make a little pony pixel art or Nyan Cat pixel art. For a little pony, you should be ready to get creative with 2D blocks. Get inspired by one user who revealed an assortment of his 2D pony formations.

His collection comprised 10,000 to 50,000 blocks. Pixel art is popular in Minecraft because one block is equal to one pixel. Therefore, giant 8-bit constructions from network and gaming nations are common on multiplayer servers.

Can you think of anything better than a 20-meter tall Nyan Cat? This is one of the must-do Minecraft build ideas for any creative gamer.

Our list of cool things to build in Minecraft is just right for everyone. Both beginners and advanced builders will find invaluable ideas that are challenging yet rewarding to build.


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