Coronavirus mask: Which one can save you from the virus?

Coronavirus mask: Which one can save you from the virus?

The novel coronavirus is currently causing health concerns in many parts of the world. Officially, regarded as 2019-nCoV, the disease has resulted in about 2,800 deaths, with tens of thousands infected so far. Unfortunately, there is no proven cure or vaccine at the moment. However, many people are considering the use of a coronavirus mask to prevent contracting the virus. So, how efficient can that be?

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On the 25th of February, 2020, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised American citizens to get prepared for 'when' the viral disease hit the country. To prepare yourself for the viral disease, it is ideal to understand how it spreads, which coronavirus mask is suitable for the prevention and other precautionary measures that you can take to control the disease.

How does coronavirus spread?

The COVID-19, the other official name given to the disease, is airborne. In simple terms, it is contracted through the air. Also, it can spread through respiratory droplets. Therefore, if you stay close to an infected person who is coughing or sneezing, you might contract it. The mucus or saliva that comes from the infected person either fills the air or drops on the surrounding.

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An uninfected person, within such environ, will be at risk of contracting the disease either through inhaling or touching. It is important to note that merely touching the infected saliva or mucus does not pose any risk provided that the hand is washed regularly. Preventing infection with the virus through inhaling is a reason why facemasks are usually encouraged.

Which face mask is best to protect against coronavirus?

Face masks are common in the hospital. You only need to visit a nearby hospital or clinic if you have not seen one before. The mask is loose and often used to stop fluids from entering into the user's mouth. Other people that put on facemasks do so to reduce the number of dust particles that are inhaled. However, this famous mask is one of the two types of covers that are sold in the world today.

The surgical mask, which is very popular, is built to protect the mouth and nose from liquids. For this reason, it is wrong to use them more than once. Also, the mask cannot prevent airborne diseases because the infected air will find its way around the loose material and into your nose. However, it can stop the viral disease that is transmitted by hand to mouth.

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Furthermore, it can likewise stop an infected person from spreading the disease. This is because the contaminated particles that come out from the sneezing and coughing will not spread into the air. The only masks for viruses are known as respirators. They are tight and firm around the face, thereby reducing more than 90% tiny particles.

What is the best face mask? The N95 medical mask is the only acceptable respirator that can guarantee a high level of protection against airborne diseases like coronavirus. Although these particular respirators come in different brands and sizes, the primary factor to consider when buying is the N95. The only problem with putting on an N95 mask is that it can suffocate you if you do not know the right way of putting it on.

According to experts, before using a coronavirus mask like the N95 respirator, it is advisable to watch a video clip that instructs on the right way of putting it on. How to wear face mask coronavirus? Ensure that it is firm each time you wear it, which means that no gaps must be left. Then, as a matter of necessity, make sure you have it on always. The reason is that there is little or no difference in wearing a respirator occasionally and not wearing it at all.

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What is the best face mask against coronavirus? CDC recommends that an N95 face mask should be worn if you are in a place where the COVID-19 is dominant. However, the surgical face mask is suitable if you already have the disease or you are just coming from China.

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Alternatives to mask

Keep in mind that using an N95 respirator alone is not as effective as using it together with other virus-prevention methods. You can be sure of complete protection if you get a respirator and use it with other precautionary methods. What other precautions can you take to avoid the airborne viral disease?

1. Always wash your hands

Hand rub made with alcohol is excellent at eliminating viruses. Therefore, the World Health Organization advises that you should wash your hands regularly with alcohol-based hand rub. Using soap and water is equally ideal.

2. Keep some distance with people

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As you know, the mucus and saliva from an infected person contain the virus, which is suspended in the air. For this reason, anyone who is close to an infected person is always at risk of inhaling the virus. Consequently, the WHO advises people to create a 1-meter gap between infected people and themselves.

3. Try not to touch your face

It has been mentioned earlier that you need to wash your hands. However, to be on the safer sides, it is best to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose.

4. Learn about respiratory hygiene

Simple respiratory hygiene can go a long way in preventing the disease. This is important for those that do not close their mouth while sneezing or coughing. It is even wrong to use your bare hands to cover your mouth. Instead, use a tissue and dispose of it after use.

5. See healthcare personnel

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The best way to prevent a viral disease like COVID-19 is to seek professional help immediately. You risk spreading the virus if you remain at home. You can first seek the direction and guidance of your local health authority, and from there, you will be redirected to a healthcare provider in your area, where proper attention would be given at once.

Coronavirus is still dominant in China and many popular cities in the world today, which is why it is best to look for new ways to prevent its spread since there is no available vaccine or cure right now. Get the right coronavirus mask today, and keep yourself safe from harm.


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