Gopnik and Slav squat: are they real or just stereotypes?

Gopnik and Slav squat: are they real or just stereotypes?

There are some stereotypes of particular groups of people in the world. Some of them represent particular subcultures. Gopnik happens to be one of them. They are often called gop, gopar, punks, or gopota as well. There have been cases of racism and discrimination against Gopnik. Russian society regarded them as classless, and the segregation was apparent. Unfortunately, the stereotypical term is now used for people living in the lower class.

squatting slav
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Slav and Gopnik squat is a sitting position associated with Slav and Gopnik. It is widespread in Russian society. Many people have spoken up against the stereotype of this group of people. However, they seem to be proud of their sitting trademark. Besides, they have many other attributes known to many Russian citizens.

What is a Gopnik?

They are regarded as low-level scums of the crime world. Some see them as a copy of animals seen on the street. Squeezing cigarettes, consuming low-cost drinks and small scale fraud and theft are their common characteristics.

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Usually, they show signs of psychopathic behaviour from their childhood, and at the same time, they are selfish, liars and unsympathetic. Also, they resort to causing harm to others to make up for their feeling of inferiority.

What is a Slav squat?

A Slav squat is a squatting position mostly done by Slavic people while waiting outside. How do Slavs squat for so long? When you see squatting slavs, they usually leave their relaxed arms on the knees and very close to the ground. Thugs mostly do the weird sitting position. Many people also refer to it as a Russian squat.

Its origin can be traced to the prison group, Gopnik. It was the tradition during the period of the Tsar of pre-revolutionary Russia. These people, who were convicts, were led to their positions, and the guards ordered them to squat to checkmate their actions. Interestingly, it had the advantage of helping the convicts rest without being dirty.

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Why do Slavs squat? Because the prison cell was often overpopulated, it was hard to get a seat, so, they had no option than to squat. With time, it became a habit for many of the inmates, and eventually, it developed into a mark of identification among many ex-inmates.

Slavs squatting and Russian stereotypes

Often, people squat for different reasons. It may be for convenience or unavailability of seats. However, it is like a norm for many Slavic men. Even a former president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, was spotted squatting on one occasion.

Though the position is associated with Gopniks, many people equally take the pose to either make jest of them or show solidarity. It is a stereotype many Russians and citizens of the former Soviet countries recognise.

Slav memes

To many people, the essence of memes is to create humour. This can be in the form of a photo, video or text. But many others get offended especially when it is directed at them. Funny enough, many people who make Slav squat meme are Slavic men. Also, many of the memes are not Gopnik memes. Below there are some of them.

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Slav starter pack

Why do Slavs wear adidas tracksuits?
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Slav pack essential items when they wish to travel

A Slav as well needs some things in his travelling bag. He will go nowhere until he makes sure that vodka and that weird hat are right in his bag.

squatting slavs in tracksuits
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Obviously, this is a joke, but the blood of Slavs has gotten used to alcohol that everything is seen in the light of vodka. Find a sick one among them and give him vodka, then, you will be amazed at what happens afterwards.

Gopnik jokes

Because of the attributes of Gopniks in the form of food and drink preferences, fashion, their sitting positions while they are together, and general behaviour, several jokes have been formed with them. The squat is the most significant aspect of their identification. Here are some of the best jokes for your entertainment.

1. Gopnik wants to get into jail and not leave again.

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2. Gopnik gets on the needle and will not let go of it.

3. Q: Do you know why Adidas pants have stripes?

A: To accommodate the Gopnik obsession with squatting.

4. No Halloween costume for Gopnik. His Adidas striped pants will do the magic.

5. Gopnik has no business with water while vodka still exists.

How a Gopnik and a Slav squat has become one of the main subjects of discussion among their attributes over the years? For instance, on the YouTube channel, Boris made some videos on the right Slavs squatting positions to show the real Gopnik meaning in action. This position is associated with men involved in gangsterism and fraud. Many others mistake it for the position a western spy takes.


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