Visa restriction: Implications of Trump's policy on Nigeria and US (Legit Explainer)

Visa restriction: Implications of Trump's policy on Nigeria and US (Legit Explainer)

The recent decision of President Donald Trump-led American government to impose immigrant visa restriction on Nigerians has been one of the most widely analysed issues in the media.

Though the United States government said it took the decision based on security reasons, many analysts have pointed out data-based reasons why the government's claim does not add up.

As the Nigerian government takes measures to get the visa restriction reversed,'s Abisola Alawode has highlighted four implications of the restriction for both Nigeria and the US.

Visa restriction: 4 implications of Trump's policy on Nigeria and US (Legit Explainer)

Abisola Alawode highlights four implications of the US vis restriction for both Nigeria and America.
Source: UGC

1. Why was Nigeria added to the immigrant visa restriction list?

According to the statement by the American State Department, Nigeria and other five countries were put on the immigrant visa restriction list as a result of their failure to meet up with the US security and information sharing standards.

2 Are Nigerians totally banned from travelling to America?

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The answer to this question is no. It is Nigerians who want to move to the US permanently that were banned from such opportunities.

However, visas will still be giving to Nigerians who want to visit the US for temporary reasons such as vacation, business or medical trips.

3. America may suffer

Wondering how this vis restriction may adversely affect the US? We will explain.

There is going to be a decline in the number of Nigerian professionals who want to join the American workforce.

Available data has already shown that has the highest number of individuals with college degrees in the US.

Nigerians work in the various essential parts of the American economy. There is hardly any place you go to in the US that you don't see a Nigerian who is holding a professional position; who is doing amazing things.

4. More Nigerians will consider moving to Canada or Europe

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It is well known that Nigerians are everywhere in the world. However, because of the visa restriction, Nigerians who are looking at the US as their dream country will have no choice other than to start looking at other countries.

Canada, Australia or even countries in Europe may now be the focus of Nigerians due to the US visa restriction.

So, in the aftermath of the US immigrant visa restriction, which country will you like to move to?

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Earlier, reported that Fareed Zakaria, a top American journalist with the CNN, analysed why the recent decision of the US government to impose immigrant visa restriction on Nigeria "does not make sense."

The American journalist said the security reason cited by the US governor "does not make sense", citing a data from CATO institute.

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According to the data, "No one born in Nigeria, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Eritrea have been responsible for a single terror-related death on American soil between 1975 and 2017."

He said the government's decision to target only permanent visas, leaving the temporary visas, suggests something else is going on.

Similarly, Justin Fox, a popular American journalist and Bloomberg Opinion columnist revealed why the US should allow more Nigerian immigrants in the country.

Fox made the points in the wake of the immigrant visa restriction imposed on Nigeria by the Trump-led US government.

The respected journalist in his opinion published by Bloomberg on Tuesday, February 4, described the Nigerian immigrants as one of the most successfully integrated groups in the country. ( -> Same great journalism, upgraded for better service!

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