20 grief quotes that can help you deal with loss

20 grief quotes that can help you deal with loss

Grief is often experienced when we suffer the loss of a loved one. The level of anguish may differ from one individual to the other, but everyone goes through the feelings of heartache and despair. Mourning may cause depression, anger, and even sadness. Reading grief quotes will help you find comfort.

Grief quotes
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Dealing with grief is difficult, and it makes people vulnerable. How do you describe grief? It is a period of hopelessness and desperation. However, the good news is that you are not the only one. We all pass through such tough moments at a given stage of life. That is why we have quotes on grief.

It is possible to come across one grief quote that will be a turning point in your life. This article highlights grief and loss quotes that are a source of encouragement and hope. Reading these will help you to move on. We also provide a few grief images that you can relate to.

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Grief quotes for losing a loved one

Grieving quotes
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  • “Our tears are the means through which our hearts speak when our lips are unable to describe the pain we feel for losing our dear ones. It is alright to shed tears. It is a path we must pass through to come out of the sadness.”
  • “The world is full of sorrows, and everyone living under the sun must experience it. There is no perfect way of escaping grief but time heals all wounds. Mourning is a good thing, and as time passes by, the pain will slowly fade away. God will always make things right again.”
  • “Our grief is a measure of the affection we had and still have for those that have gone to rest in the arms of the Lord. It is the last act of love we can show to those whom we loved but have departed from us.”
  • “We may not overcome the loss of those we love, but we can learn to live with the fact that they will never be around. All we can do is to keep on loving them even in their afterlife.”
  • “Whenever you feel lonely, think of the departed as your guardian angel who will always be around to watch over you.”

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  • “It is very okay to grieve because the tears we shed for those we cherish are never a sign of weakness but only love. Grief and love are inseparable. We cannot hold onto one and miss out on the other.”
  • "Although you are gone, we will continue to cherish those special memories we shared.”
  • “It is impossible to turn back time to be able to feel your presence once more. However, you have left us with nothing but beautiful memories that will forever linger in our minds and your love in our hearts.”
  • “Your absence is truly felt, and the pain of not having you around is unbearable. Still, we will always treasure and hold on to the best times we shared.”
  • “God cannot test us beyond what we cannot handle. He gives the hardest battle to His strongest soldiers. In His eyes, you are a soldier, and it is time to believe in yourself. God will see you through your sorrows.”

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Grief and loss quotes
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  • “Your death has broken our hearts into pieces. Our lives are empty without you, and nothing can ever fill the gap you have left. It hurts so badly, but we have learned to accept it. We know it is the will of God to take you away from us to your resting place.”
  • “The best thing to do is to honor your spirit and keep you alive in our hearts. While God continues to keep us alive, we shall continue living, guided by the morals you instilled in us.”
  • “If it reaches a time when you feel like there is no one to turn to, always look upon God. He is always ready to hold your hand through those tough times.”
  • “Happy are those who mourn for they will find comfort in the Lord.” (Mathew 5:4)
  • “It is impossible to see past our sorrows. Looking back at the beautiful memories, we are hopeful that we will find comfort in the Lord and that tomorrow is going to be alright.”

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Grief quotes by famous people

  • “Grief is not a condition; neither is it an ailment or a symbol of weakness. It is the price we pay for the people we love but are no longer with us. When we lose people close to us, grief becomes a necessity that can only be expressed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To cure our sorrows, we have to mourn.” Earl Grollman
  • “Tears are sacred. They are a sign of power and not weakness. They express more eloquently than thousands of words would. Tears represent our overwhelming grief and of the love that cannot be told.” Washington Irving
Quotes on grief
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  • “Grief may seem a burden; however, it can as well be an anchor. You get used to the burden depending on how it holds you in place.” Sarah Dessen
  • “Tears are on their own wisdom. They appear when a person is calm enough to deal with the pain and work past the sadness. They are natural bleeding of an emotional wound, and they take the toxic substance of sorrow from the system. It is a road to recovery from grief.” F. Alexander Magoun
  • “It is only you who can decide whether the time you shared was meaningful or a waste of time because it ended in death. Did you cherish the everyday affection and laughter, or you took it for granted? Did you consider them sacred or not? When your loved ones are no more, and you are finally alone, how do you carry on? Grief can keep you focused or destroy you depending on how you carry yourself during those periods of loneliness.” Dean Koontz

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What is the best condolence message? These are messages of encouragement to lift our spirits in times of sorrow. They are grieving quotes as well as images that can help you deal with the death of your dear one. To some folks, a quote for grieving may seem like empty words but to others, these words have the power to heal.

Grief quotes are a source of comfort. As you go through trying moments in your life, these sayings will always enrich your spirit and help you to continue hoping for the best. Quotes about grief are there to aid you in working successfully through the feelings and thoughts that you are facing after losing a loved one. However, as an essential part of the process, involving a competent counselor to guide you through your journey to healing is highly recommended.

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