Can you name these Sailor Moon characters from the original show?

Can you name these Sailor Moon characters from the original show?

Sailor Moon is a Japanese Manga that was later adapted into an anime in the 1990s. The main storyline followed a group of young heroines known as Sailor Scouts in their quests to defend earth from numerous villains. All the Sailor Moon main characters were girls, a fact that set the manga apart from other publications. Can you remember the top Sailor Moon characters from the show? Take this quiz to find out.

Who are the Sailor Moon characters?

Here is a look at the top five Sailor Scouts names belonging to those who regularly appeared throughout the manga as well as the anime series.

1. Sailor Moon

Also known as Usagi Serena, she is the eponymous character in the manga as well as the anime. She is portrayed as being overly clumsy and loud-mouthed.

She is also boy-crazed and loves to sleep. It is worth noting that Serena is quite friendly and pretty much the uniting factor among all Sailor Scouts. She is also known as one of the extremely loyal and caring female Sailor Moon characters.

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Who is Sailor Moon's boyfriend? His name is Tuxedo mask. The romance between the two is one of the most important aspects of the manga as well as its anime adaptation.

2. Sailor Venus

Commonly known as Minako Aino, she is a tough, athletic girl renowned for her incredible leaps even without the use of her powers. Her signature power involves the use of the Crescent Beam, a laser which she fires from one of her fingers.

Some of her other abilities include superhuman agility, strength and toughness. Her previous incarnation was the leader of the Sailor Moon girls who acted as Princess Serenity’s bodyguards.

3. Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno is one of the most mentioned Sailor Moon names. She is also the genius of the group and was the first scout to be awakened.

Ami possesses powers to control and manipulate water and ice. Additionally, she is portrayed as being super-intelligent, so much that other characters in the show have often quoted her IQ to be at least 300.

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Mizuno is a gentle, loyal, shy, and sweet girl, although she often finds it difficult to make friends. She is often seen as the most sensible character in the group, often feeling embarrassed when something dumb happens.

Ami also spends most of her free time reading since she dreams of becoming a doctor, like her mother. Mizuno’s personality is undoubtedly one of the fascinating Sailor Moon character profiles.

4. Sailor Uranus

Is Sailor Uranus a boy or a girl? This is one of the most boyish characters in the entire series.

Also known as Haruka Tenou, she is known for wearing boyish clothes, acting like a boy and being excellent at sports. She is a professional motocross and race-car driver.

In the anime, Tenou comes off as cold-natured, heartless, and tough.

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Haruka was tasked with finding talismans hidden in people with pure hearts. Later, she realized that she possessed one of the talismans which took her by surprise since she never considered herself as having a pure heart.

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5. Sailor Neptune

Also known as Michiru Kaioh, she is one of the mysterious scouts in the entire group. Michiru is portrayed as being graceful and elegant in her day to day life, but when the need arises, she tears her enemies apart with unrelenting ruthlessness.

She also has an easily notable love for the arts.

6. Chibiusa

Chibiusa’s name loosely translates to ‘rabbit on the moon.’ The character was designed to resemble a little, cute, pink rabbit. Her ears are also notably pointier than her mother’s, which further enhances her rabbit appearance.

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7. Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask is one of the few male characters in the anime. He is Usagi Serena’s love interest.

In the manga, Tuxedo is shown to have some constantly-evolving healing, psychic and psychometric powers. In the anime, though, Tuxedo’s powers do not change with time.

He also possessed the ability to closely monitor the earth’s status at any given time.

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8. Luna

Luna is one of the cat characters in the anime who were Queen Serenity’s advisors. She was at Serenity’s side when she opted to use the Imperium Silver Crystal to lock the Negaverse.

Luna and the other cat, Artemis, were put into states of deep sleep and would only wake up if the Negaverse attempted to break out of its cage.

The anime characters mentioned above are all part of a group that works to defeat earth’s enemies. However, each scout has their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Which of these Sailor Moon characters names do you resonate with most?


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