Jeff Gebhart: Businessman offers N9m to anyone who finds him a girlfriend

Jeff Gebhart: Businessman offers N9m to anyone who finds him a girlfriend

- Jeff Gebhart said he needs a lady who will be his perfect match for a long term relationship

- Gebhart has never been married and was frustrated using the dating apps

- The award will only be given to the matchmakers and self-endorsed women will not receive the money

- For one to qualify as the perfect match, they have to undergo a psychological test

A businessman in Kansas City, United States, has offered N9 million to anyone who will help him find a girlfriend.

Jeff Gebhart, 47, who has never been married and who has no kids said he decided to think out of the box in a bid to get his perfect match.

Businessman offers KSh 2.5 million to anyone who will find him a girlfriend

Jeff Gebhart, 47, has never been married and has no kids. Photo: Jeff Gebhart
Source: Facebook

In a report by CBS News, Gebhart said he has been working on the project for the past six months and has even opened a website to help potential women understand the characteristics that he needs in a girl.

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"Well think about it, if you're in a happy marriage, what monetary value could you ever place on meeting the right person? My frustration and disappointment definitely is worth some sort of dollar figure but that was roughly what I'd spend in dating," he said.

So serious is Gebhart that on his website he has a two-minute-long video detailing his quest.

He said he has never been engaged or married but has been in several long term relationships, according to his site.

"In a relationship, I’m supportive, open-minded, generous and fun. Basically, I’m a happy guy with an unbelievable life. I don’t need a person to ‘complete’ me, but I’m looking for a person with qualities that will allow us to complement each other," read a post on his page.

The entrepreneur needs a woman who is fun, easy to spend time with, someone who is confident, driven, shares the same interests like him.

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"Someone who wants to build a life together, take on challenges with me, be a teammate, a kind hearted person who looks out for others. Has similar values, positive attitude, and sociable," said Gebhart.

For one to qualify to win the money, they must be endorsed by someone and "self-nominated women are not entitled to the referral payout."

Businessman offers KSh 2.5 million to anyone who will find him a girlfriend

Jeff Gebhart is a businessman in Kansas City. Photo: Jeff Gebhart
Source: Facebook

In addition to the award for the lucky matchmaker, Gebhart said he will also give a N9 million donation to a no-kill dog shelter or charity.

However, there are some conditions attached to the person who will take the money. First, Gebhart must date the woman for at least 365 days or one year before getting the award.

The money will be paid in five installments, i.e N1.8 million after every year for five years. In case they break up, then the matchmaker will not receive any more money than what they've already earned.

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Besides, due to the high number of applicants, the women must take a survey to see if they would be a match.

The survey is science-based and was developed by a clinical psychiatrist.

"You have a big number that apply, you put them through a Willy Wonka machine and the ones that come out are the ones that would be great candidates for me," he said.

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