Cyberstalking: 1 in 10 Americans uses spy app to steal information from exes' phones - Poll

Cyberstalking: 1 in 10 Americans uses spy app to steal information from exes' phones - Poll

- One in 10 Americans said that they used a spy app called stalkerware to get information from their exes

- The app runs stealthily in the background when installed without sending any notification to the user

- Users' activities on and reactions to the app were collected in a poll conducted by NortonLifeLock

One in 10 Americans has admitted using a special spy app called stalkerware to steal information from their partners’ devices.

This was contained in the result of a poll conducted by NortonLifeLock released on Wednesday, February 12, CNET reports.

The poll also revealed that the men are more twice likely to use the software to stalk their exes, than women.

Kevin Roundy, a researcher at NortonLifeLock, said that the app is most times advertised as theft protection or a tool for child-monitoring.

The researcher further said that the app is able to work secretly because it runs in the background without sending notifications.

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With that, the victim of the ware would not even detect the app has been installed on their phone, making it more dangerous.

Advocates against the use of spyware consider stalkerware because it secretly collects information. Photo source: CNET

Stalkerware secretly collects information and victims are not even aware. Photo source: CNET
Source: UGC

This report is coming after many antivirus companies carried out a thorough operation to scan customer’s devices of the stalkerware

Despite the fact that the app steals information, advocates and academics said that it is still being sold legally.

Some respondents of the poll said that they don’t see using the app a big deal, while 35% said they are indifferent as long as they are not the victims.

Forty-three per cent of men said that they are well disposed to the app as 27% of women thought otherwise.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that WhatsApp said that its instant messaging app will stop working on all phones running Microsoft Windows OS from Tuesday, December 31.

It was gathered that Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, stopped people from creating new accounts on Windows phones earlier in the year.

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The reason for doing so, according to the company, was because it has stopped developing updates for the platform, and as such there would not be new updates or features for the OS.

The app company was also reported to have said that it is stopping support for devices whose operating systems do not have the capabilities that are needed to expand the app’s features. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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