Life Beer! Here’s how Asaba Airport travellers got an awesome surprise

Life Beer! Here’s how Asaba Airport travellers got an awesome surprise

It’s amazing how a seemingly small gesture such as being offered a surprise gift can brighten up your day! This was the case at the Asaba International Airport where indigenes returning to their rural hometowns for homecoming were surprised most awesomely, last Christmas.

As the baggage carousel delivered their luggage, a flurry of blue boxes rotated alongside them, much to the excitement of the travellers. The brightly-coloured packages turned out to be special, holiday-themed packs of Life Lager Beer, and the travellers wasted no time in carting away their share as they returned to their hometowns for Christmas.

The travellers were full of praise for Life Lager, for pulling off what they deemed a great idea and an amazing gesture. Most of them were probably still feeling the Nigerian airport travails, and Life Lager arrived just in time to brighten up their day.

Of all the recipients of the gesture, Nnamdi Arize had the most to say as he was understandably touched by it, describing Life Lager as one of his “favourite brands of beer” and thanking them for making his Christmas “a very merry one.”

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Another recipient, Ibiam Oguejifor, commended Life Lager, deeming their efforts as a deed that “demonstrates love” and encapsulates what Christmas is all about.

The Homecoming tradition in the South-East is stronger than ever and it represents a time for the indigenes to unwind for the year and enjoy the serene setting of their rural hometowns. There is no doubt that this gesture by Life Lager put a huge smile on their faces as they got to take life home just in time for the Christmastime Homecoming!



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