Bob Marley would've been 75 today: 7 facts about the music icon

Bob Marley would've been 75 today: 7 facts about the music icon

- Bob Marley's birthday was on February 6 and he would have been 75 if he was still alive

- The muso is a true legend who continues to inspire those who appreciate his music

- We check out some facts about the iconic musician who made the phrases 'No woman, no cry' and 'Don't worry, be happy' famous

Bob Marley is one of the most influential musicians of all time. He rose to stardom and passed away as a legend, solidifying his name in history thanks to his amazing music prowess.

He was able to make music that millions loved, and still love, without trying too hard. Robert Nesta Marley passed away on May 11, 1981 from skin cancer.

Today, February 6, would have been his 75th birthday, and to commemorate the legend, gathered some facts about him.

1. Exodus was the best album of the 20th century

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Time magazine named Bob's Exodus the 'Best Album of the Century' in 1999, but changed this in 2006 when listing the best 100 albums of the century. Then, Legend made the list instead.

2. Bob won a Grammy Award, but none of his songs ever did.

He is one of the best-selling artists ever, but his music was never nominated for any Grammys. However, he did get a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy in 2001.

3. He didn't eat meat

Because of his beliefs - he was a Rastafarian - Bob stuck to an Ital diet. This means he was on a kosher and halaal-like diet and never touched meat.

4. He may have a dozen or more children

Bob was known for fathering children who are very talented. He had at least nine kids with seven women and adopted two. However, some believe that Bob had 11 biological children.

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5. No Woman, No Cry was penned by Bob

Although he credited a friend with the song's royalties, Bob wrote No Woman, No Cry. However, by giving credit to Vincent Ford, Bob allowed him to fund a soup kitchen that he ran. All the royalties for the song went to keeping the soup kitchen alive.

6. He refused to amputate his toe

The cause of Bob's death was melanoma, skin cancer, and it started in his toe. He refused to have his toe amputated to prevent cancer from spreading because it was against his beliefs.

7. He was buried with his guitar

The legend was buried in St Ann Parish, Jamaica with some of his top favourite things. This included his Gibson Les Paul guitar, a soccer ball, a Bible and a bud of weed.

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