Friends quiz: the ultimate Friends trivia game

Friends quiz: the ultimate Friends trivia game

Friends is an American sitcom series that aired from 1994 to 2004. The show ran for ten seasons and had a cast with actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, and Mathew Perry. Friends revolves around the lives of six friends living in New York. They are 20-30 years old. How well do you know this popular show? Take this ultimate Friends quiz to find out.

Why should I take a Friends TV show quiz?

Well, if you can cope with all the questions in the hardest Friends quiz, then you are a true fan of the hugely popular series. Most of the questions require a keen eye and sharp memory to get right.

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Fascinating facts about the TV show

Here are some interesting facts about the show that are often part of Friends trivia questions.

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  • NBC had initially requested the directors to create one main storyline that would be complemented by other minor sub-plots. However, the show writers insisted that there had to be three equally important storylines. This helped set the show apart from many other sitcoms.
  • After the September 11, 2001, terror attack on America, the show directors added a flag in Central Perk as a subtle sign of remembrance and acknowledgment of the attack. This flag is a common part of pretty much every Friends trivia game.
  • The show was considered to have a character known as Pat, the Cop. He was reportedly supposed to be a relatively old guy who would advise the rest of the cast members on their life choices. However, Pat, the Cop, did not even make it in the first episode. This non-existent character makes one of the hardest Friends trivia quiz questions.
  • There is a golden frame that is often seen around the peephole on Monica’s apartment door. The frame had been initially a mirror that had been broken by one of the cast members. The show’s creators decided that the empty frame still looked great and decided to keep it.
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  • Renowned actor, Bruce Willis, appeared as a guest actor during the show’s sixth season. There is more to his appearance, though. He appeared because of losing a bet to Mathew Perry regarding the performance in the film The Whole Nine Yards. Bruce donated his appearance fee to charity.
  • The main cast members of the show are named after the characters of a television series known as All My Children (1970). The latter had characters known as Phoebe, Monique, Chandler, Ross, and Green. All My Children aired for 41 years, spanning 42 seasons.
  • In the last months of shooting the series, Courteney got pregnant. This fact was kept hidden since her character on the show (Monica) was not able to have a baby. To conceal the pregnancy, the show’s creators made her wear baggy clothes on set.
  • The white statue of the dog belonging to Joey initially belonged to Jennifer Aniston. She lent it to the show for one episode, after which the producers opted to keep it.
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  • Gunther was an actual Barista. James Michael Tyler, who plays Gunther on the show, was chosen for the Barista role due to his experience. He was the only member on set who knew how to operate an espresso machine. Michael’s character had no name for the first season.
  • The show’s six main actors were invited to dinner by one of the directors before the show began. The director felt that the show would become a big thing and gave the cast members a chance to enjoy their anonymity for the last time.
  • Jennifer and Matt were against Rachel and Joey’s romance. Like many viewers, some of the cast members felt that Joey and Rachel’s romance was somewhat inappropriate. Ultimately, the romance ended after only three episodes.

Friends is undoubtedly one of the most amazing sitcoms that have ever been created. The series had massive followers all over the world throughout its ten-season run. How many questions did you get right in this Friends quiz?

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