The Office quiz: Can you get all of these questions right?

The Office quiz: Can you get all of these questions right?

The Office is arguably one of the most beloved American shows that ever aired on television. The hugely diverse and hilarious cast made the show a joy to watch throughout its nine seasons. The show followed the day-to-day lives of a group of workmates at a company that dealt with the sale of paper products. The Office quiz below will determine how well you know the popular sitcom by answering several The Office trivia questions.

Interesting facts about The Office

If you have played The Office game above to determine how well you know the series, here are some additional lesser-known facts about the show.

Pam and Jim’s first kiss

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly kissed for the first time on the show in the episode titled Casino Night. During an interview, John Krasinski (who plays Jim Halpert), admitted that it was his first on-screen kiss. He further said that they both viewed it as a big moment and did not want to mess it up. However, when Jenna Fischer (who plays Pam Beesly) asked John whether that was his first on-screen kiss, he denied it.

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This kiss is one of the most common Office trivia questions since it marked the earlier phases of Jim and Pam’s relationship.

The computers in The Office had internet connectivity

Another common part of every ‘The Office trivia game' involves the use of the internet. If you felt bad for the people staring at blank screens during Michael’s endless monologues, well, do not. Actors who were not the focus of a particular scene could browse the web since the computers used in the show had internet connectivity. This also helped enhance the element of realism in the show.

Toby was not meant to stay

Toby Flenderson was supposed to make a single appearance in an episode. This was because Paul Lieberstein, who plays Toby, did not view himself as an actor. When NBC’s president saw the episode in which Toby appeared, he was instantly impressed. He suggested the actor be featured in additional episodes.

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That is not a diploma on the wall of Michael’s office

Throughout the show, viewers can see a framed document hanging on Michael’s wall. The most likely guess would be that it is his diploma. However, it is a certificate of authenticity to prove that he owns a ‘quality Seiko timepiece.’ No surprises here though, such a decision has Michael Scott written all over it.

Pam and Jim’s proposal

The Office crew had to build a replica of a rest stop for Jim and Pam’s proposal scene. With a cost of $250,000, it ended up being the most expensive shot of the entire sitcom. Jim went down on one knee and proposed to Pam in the middle of pouring rain. This came after Andy thwarted his initial proposal plan.

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Sand in Leslie’s eye

During the filming of an episode titled Beach Games, Rainn Wilson kicked sand into Leslie Baker’s eye by accident. The latter was taken to the hospital and had to have his eyeball cleaned.

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Jenna and Angela are best friends in real life

Throughout the show’s nine-season run, Jenna and Angela’s characters could barely stand each other. However, the two are very close in real life. Jenna is the godmother to Angela’s child.

The Office quiz above determines how well you know the hugely popular show. It has been quite a few years since the season finale in 2013, but most fans can still remember many aspects of the show. These include its actors, scenes, conversations, and episodes. What do you remember best from the show?


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