Does she like me quiz: how to tell if a girl likes you

Does she like me quiz: how to tell if a girl likes you

There is usually some fascination surrounding love, dating, and the general laws of human attraction. Typically, men are expected to make the first step in initiating contact. However, most times, it could actually be women who make the first move by providing subtle cues that a move from the man is welcome. Understanding these signs makes the approach easier for a man. Take this ‘does she like me quiz’ to discover whether the lady you have been eyeing likes you or not.

Does a girl like me?

You have probably come across a lady who melts your heart. Everything about her seems perfect, from the way she walks and talks, to how she smiles. You might have caught her stealing glances at you or smiling when your eyes meet. You think that maybe there is something between the two of you, but is she into you? Here are some of the most common signs that she likes you.

1. She continually smiles at you

One of the most common answers in every ‘does a girl like me quiz’ has to do with the power of a smile. If a lady often smiles when your eyes meet, then that is one among many signs that she likes you. However, keep in mind that some professions demand workers to smile as a form of courtesy. So, if the lady is a bank teller and she smiles when she sees you, it might just be professional courtesy.

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2. Stealing occasional glances at you

If she is often shooting subtle glances your way, then it seems she has feelings for you. Do not assume this to be a coincidence in which your eyes just met. In most cases, she will turn her eyes away from yours when you look at her. However, if she maintains eye contact for long, that might be an even more definite sign that she likes you.

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3. Running fingers through her hair

This is another tell-tale sign in every ‘does she like you quiz.’ A lady running her fingers through her hair when you are together is undoubtedly one of the most notable signs that she likes you. There is an air of romance in the fingers-through-hair move.

4. Licking her lips

Does it get any clearer? Almost every ‘how to know if a girl likes you quiz’ will tell you that if a girl licks her lips when she is with you, rest assured that she likes you. Similar to running her fingers through her hair, a girl licking her lips draws your attention towards them in a romantic way. Keep in mind that some girls may often lick their lips when they are excited about something.

5. Exposing her neck

A lady might turn her head slightly to expose her neck or tilt her chin up to achieve a similar result. Whichever she does, exposing her neck implies that she trusts you enough to show you a ‘vulnerable’ part of her skin and look great while at it. This is seen as an ideal courtship signal in every ‘does she love me quiz.’

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6. Turning in her seat towards you

If the two of you are sitting together and she turns her seat towards you, she could be signalling a level of trust. She consciously wants to get closer to you and create a chance for your eyes to meet. Other signs could accompany this.

7. Lightly touching you on the arm or shoulder

This is another sign in every ‘how to tell if a girl likes you quiz’ that is almost impossible to miss. When a lady initiates physical touch, it means that she certainly feels something towards you. A touch of the wrist is more intimate than a touch of the shoulder and is a clear sign that she likes you.

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8. Caressing an object in her hands

This is especially true if the object in question is cylindrical. It could be a representation of what the girl has in mind. However, it also applies to virtually any type of object that a lady can hold.

Taking the ‘does she like me quiz’ will help you clear any doubts you might have about the girl you like. Some of the cues that girls give are so subtle that it is quite easy for a man to miss them. However, since the signs are usually several, look out for them. Which of the above signs did you find interesting?


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