No help given by African parents to their kids is genuine or completely selfless - Twitter user

No help given by African parents to their kids is genuine or completely selfless - Twitter user

- A Nigerian man has taken to social media via his Twitter page to rant about African parents

- According to Dr Maxvayshia, no help given by African parents is hardly genuine or completely selfless

- The man said that African parents help their kids with the hopes of cashing out in future because they see them as properties

African parents are usually regarded with a fond tone on social media however; there are times when the conversation takes a serious turn.

A social media user identified on Twitter as Dr. Maxvayshia has taken to the microblogging site to rant about African parents and how they regard their children as properties to reap from in future.

According to Maxvayshia, African parents hardly help their children out of genuine love or selflessness.

He wrote: “The truth about African parents generally is:

Hardly any help given by them is genuine and completely selfless. In most cases they are laden with all sorts of unspoken expectations. They "sacrifice" a lot for the children in the hope that sometime in future, the will be able to sit back at and "reap the fruits of their labour" via their children, a cliche forged and polished in the most ruthless selfishness and lack of consideration while cloaked in the most exquisite garments of "family togetherness".

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Deep down, they hope to cash in on their investment, to show the world their report sheet of excellence in the success of their children while strutting about like peacocks in a chicken yard."

He explained that children begin to question some values and their upbringing when they grow up and anyone bold enough to question how things have been run over the years is tagged a rebel.

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Maxvayshia said it is quite challenging for them to find a way out of the prison of "a family bond," the rules of which they had followed as children and adolescents without question.

According to him, this is the reason parents never see their children as grown till they die as they see them as their personal properties, gifts given to them from God for their personal usage the way they deem fit to.

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He said parents hardly realise that children are independent human spirits who have choices of their own. He said they hamper the children's personal progress while trying to do everything for them in the name of love.

"No mechanic becomes proficient at his work without staining his hands with grease and sustaining injuries, no matter how mild.

The indolent children, however, enjoy this poison cos it massages their love for ease, till their parents are no more and they suddenly face the harsh reality of life and find that they can't do a thing for themselves. They frittered away their time enjoying all the parents did for them when they were supposed to be out there standing on their feet," he added.

Maxvayshia noted that even those who manage to break away from this "family bond" end up repeating the cycle with their own children because what was handed down to them by their own parents formed their subconscious.

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