Quiz: what Pokémon type are you?

Quiz: what Pokémon type are you?

Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise founded in 1995 with shares currently split among three companies; Game Freak, Creatures and Nintendo. The franchise revolves around fictional characters known as Pokémon, which gamers catch and train to battle each other for entertainment and sport. Each type has specific weaknesses and strengths concerning different attacks. What Pokémon type are you? Take our super easy Pokémon quiz to find out.

Why take a Pokémon type quiz?

Each Pokémon has specific attack and defence moves. Understanding this allows one to make the moves that inflict as much damage on their opponent as possible. The popularity of 'which Pokémon are you quizzes' has gradually increased as the franchise’s Pokémon universe grows bigger.

Taking this quiz allows you to answer one of the most common questions among gaming fans, “What Pokémon type am I?”

what pokemon are you
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Which Pokémon are you?

Here is a look into various strengths and weaknesses to help you understand our 'what Pokémon are you quiz' better. ATK stands for Attack. It includes all the characters which a Pokémon can effectively damage. DMG, on the other hand, stands for Damage. It includes those characters against which a particular Pokémon is weak and prone to damage.

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  • Bug: ATK Grass, Dark, Psychic. DMG Fire, Flying and Rock
  • Dark: ATK Psychic, Ghost. DMG Fighting, Fairy and Bug
  • Dragon: ATK Dragon. DMG Dragon, Fairy and Ice
  • Electric: ATK Flying, Water. DMG Ground
  • Fairy: ATK Fighting, Dark, Dragon. DMG Poison, Steel
  • Fighting: ATK Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. DMG Fairy, Flying, Psychic
  • Fire: ATK Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel. DMG Ground, Rock, Water
  • Flying: ATK Bug, Fighting, Grass. DMG Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Ghost: ATK Ghost, Psychic. DMG Dark, Ghost
  • Grass: ATK Ground, Rock, Water. DMG Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
  • Ground: ATK Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel DMG Grass, Ice, Water
  • Ice: ATK Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground. DMG Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
  • Normal: DMG Fighting
  • Poison: ATK Fairy, Grass. DMG Ground, Psychic
  • Psychic: ATK Fighting, Poison, Bug. DMG Dark, Ghost
  • Rock: ATK Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice. DMG Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
  • Steel: ATK Fairy, Ice, Rock. DMG Fighting, Fire, Ground
  • Water: ATK Fire, Ground, Rock. DMG Electric, Grass

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what type of pokemon are you
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Besides the super effective and Weak vs column, there are two additional columns that describe particular strengths and weaknesses. These are:

  • Resist Damage: This shows those moves that will be barely effective against an opponent when defending.
  • Not Very Effective: This lists those moves that will only inflict minimal damage on an opponent. This list also contains the immunities in brackets.

What Pokémon am I according to my favorite color?

Besides a character’s strengths and weaknesses, one can also judge their Pokémon type from their favorite color. So, what is your favorite color, and what Pokémon are you according to that? Here is a summarized guide.

  • Bug: Green
  • Dark: Black
  • Dragon: All colors
  • Electric: White/red
  • Fighting: Red/white
  • Fire: Red
  • Flying: White/blue
  • Ghost: Black
  • Grass: Green
  • Ground: Red/green
  • Normal: Green/white
  • Poison: Black/green
  • Psychic: Blue/black
  • Rock: Red
  • Steel: Any color
  • Water: Blue
what pokemon are you quiz
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What type of Pokémon are you according to your effectiveness?

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There are five Pokémon types which are super effective against at least four types. The least effective, on the other hand, are only effective against a single type or none at all. According to this classification, what kind of Pokémon are you?

  • Most effective: Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Fire, Ground
  • Least effective: Dragon, Normal

What Pokémon type are you? After taking the quiz and reading through the guide, you have hopefully figured out the character that you closely match. Durability is particularly essential in choosing a good Pokémon. Which type did you find fascinating in the 'which Pokémon type are you' quiz?

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