Amotekun: Nigerians decide on initiative as a way forward for security

Amotekun: Nigerians decide on initiative as a way forward for security

- A poll was recently conducted on whether Operation Amotekun should be supported by Nigerians and the federal government

- The poll revealed that most citizens of the country are actually in support of the joint security initiative

- Many Nigerians believe that Amotekun, like state policing, is the best way to deal with insecurity in the country

A recent online poll by has revealed that most Nigerians, especially on social media, have lost confidence and trust in the nation's security apparatus.

A lot of Nigerian citizens see Operation Amotekun as a sure way forward towards achieving utmost security in a country that seems bedevilled with violent crimes of kidnapping, banditry and mindless killing across the states.

A large section of Nigerian social media subscribers are of the opinion that the service chiefs are incapable of coming up with initiatives and ideas that will frontally tackle violence and dramatically curb terrorism in the country.

On one hand, some of those who support this stance believe that this is because the country is much too populated for the security personnel to effectively handle.

On the other hand, the rest actually come to say that it is time for the nation to be decentralised so that regional security outfits can be created to look out for the safety of residents in their zones.

Even more, others favour the view that Amotekun was established by the southwest because the region is one of the most affected in Nigeria in terms of insecurity, adding that state policing will not only help a great deal in this regard but is also perfect.

However, another section of Nigerians are actually suggesting that the southwest have no constitutional right to create Amotekun, suggesting that it should all be left for President Muhammadu Buhari to decide.

Still, there is a number of citizens (about 10% of them) who are rather indifferent about the whole issue, showing that some Nigerians seem not to care about issues related to security, even if it should concern everyone.

Meanwhile, reported that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, one of the most powerful people in the southwest, has broken his silence on the creation of the initiative.

Tinubu, in a statement he signed personally, said that Amotekun was never created to victimise or threaten anyone or ethnic group in Nigeria.

The politician, who called it a limited, inoffensive addition to security, wondered why those who should know more about security in the country are the ones describing it as a threat to the nation's unity.

He also took on those who argue in favour of the security outfit without even having a deeper understanding of the situation around it, but based on sentiments. ( -> Same great journalism, upgraded for better service!

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