Man returns after many years of dumping girlfriend for white lover to ask for her hand in marriage

Man returns after many years of dumping girlfriend for white lover to ask for her hand in marriage

- A lady on Twitter identified as Yettyclassy has taken to social media to share the experience of her friend who was unlucky with love despite doing everything to please her lover and his family

- According to Yetty, a friend whom she called Bisi had a boyfriend who had to travel abroad and she did everything to please his family members while away

- Shina eventually came back only for Bisi to discover that he married a white woman and they were expecting a child. Apparently Shina’s family had been aware the whole time

- Bisi eventually moved on with her life and got married to another man only for Shina to come back and say he loves her and wants them to get married

In Nigeria, many ladies go out of their way to please their boyfriends and his family with the hopes of getting married to him one day.

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This was the case of one Bisi and Shina according to a story shared on Twitter by the lady’s friend identified as Yettyclassy.

According to the story, Bisi was dating a very handsome guy names Shina and because she was greatly in love with him, she decided to put her all into the relationship.

Shina eventually had to travel out of the country and since he had already introduced Bisi to his family, she decided to keep in touch with his family and even went above and beyond just to please them.

Sometimes she went there to clean, wash clothes, but them foodstuff, send money and even gave his siblings many of her things when they requested for it.

Time started to pass and Bisi was getting worried that she had not heard from Shina. He eventually came back and she discovered he had gotten married to a white lady and a baby was on the way. Bisi went to his family to report the case, only to find that they were already aware and had no problem with it.

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A heartbroken Bisi had to give up on the relationship she had invested so much in and as luck would have it, she also later got married and started her own family.

After 30 years, Shina came back begging Bisi to marry him, saying he had divorced the lady and has been unable to find true love. The man did not mind that she had already started a family.

See the tweets below:

This is so sad.

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