In case you missed this: 17 prophesies you can make for 2020 that will come to pass

In case you missed this: 17 prophesies you can make for 2020 that will come to pass

Editor's note: As we all know, the new a year is a time for some men of God who claimed to have heard God's word to publicly declare it to the world - mostly to their followers in Nigeria.

Aanu Adegun a journalist from Lagos in this article compiles some prophesies any Nigerian can make that will somehow come to pass.

For many pastors, prophets and prophetesses, the beginning of every year is the time God speaks to the people through them.

This is the time these men of God reel out prophesies upon prophecies.

Though many people have argued that these prophecies are mere predictions from these acclaimed men of God but this has not stopped them from churning out more and more prophesies every blessed year.

In fairness to them, however, their prophesies always come with a disclaimer - That is - prayers can stop some of the extremes of the prophecies from manifestation.

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So, the prophesy-minting men of God will always have a moral ground to justify the ones that did not come to reality.

However, here are some prophesies you too can make that will come to pass in 2020.

1. He says if you serve him better, he will bless you greatly

2. He says this year, all your enemies will die

3. He says he will open a new door for you this new year

4. He says this is your year of breakthrough

5. This year, he says he will surprise you beyond your expectations

6. He says you will not die this year as long as you believe in him

7. He says he will open the windows of heaven for those who believe in him

8. Pray so that some eminent people will not die this year

9. A minimum of 100 yahoo boys will be arrested in 2020

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10. A politician will die in the year 2020

11. Pray against roads accident in the year 2020

12. Some Nigerians will lose their jobs this year

13. Pray against terrorist attacks in the northeast

14. A big thing will happen in the United States of America this year

15. China and America will reach a deal over trade war

16. Pray against disease outbreak in Nigeria and the world

17. Pray against the death of a world leader

Meanwhile here are 10 correct prophecies of 2019 and the men of God behind them

And here is an examination of some of the failed prophecies of these men of God especially in the area of politics.

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