Opinion: Why Kano should ban men and women from attending same markets, schools - by Aanu Adegun

Opinion: Why Kano should ban men and women from attending same markets, schools - by Aanu Adegun

Editor's note: The ban on members of the opposite genders boarding the same commercial tricycles in Kano state is a subject that has divided opinions in Nigeria.

Aanu Adegun a journalist from Lagos in this opinion subtly emphasise the error in the move by the state government.

To uphold Islamic values and curb immorality in Kano state, Governor Ganduje has banned members of the opposite genders from boarding the same commercial tricycles.

To me, this is a fantastic development. And I want to side with all those telling southerners that they have no right criticising the governor because the issue is a Kanawa business.

They are right, the governor must stamp out immorality in Kano - Opposite genders must not board the same commercial tricycles. We need morally upright people to create jobs, factories and stop the poverty in the state. And how we can make this happen is to make laws like this.

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Though Saudi Arabia, a rigid Islamic country is planing to create £400bn 'western' sports city with relaxed laws for women and workers and where fans can even drink alcohol, I still stand with Ganduje. Saudi is different from Kano.

I want to encourage the governor to make it holistic. I mean, I want the state to ban men and women from attending the same market, using the same office, entering the same bus while travelling, going to the same schools - In fact, all tertiary institutions in Kano should be male only or female only. You know young people can be amorous sometimes.

I bet you, with policies like this, there won't be corruption in Kano state, outright stealing of public money will become a thing of the past, there won't be underage marriage, women abuse will be eliminated and so much vices in general will disappear. And Kano will become a better place place for all.

So ladies and gentle, I stand with Kano state government on this.

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