Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem ft. Lil Win & Bisa Kdei: audio, lyrics, reactions

Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem ft. Lil Win & Bisa Kdei: audio, lyrics, reactions

The new hit by Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem is a banger you will certainly wish to add to your playlist. The Ghanaian rapper is known for his amazing rapping skills and cool lyrics. What has he prepared for his fans this time?

The Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has just delivered another great single. He titles it “Nkwasiasem”. The song was created in collaboration with such prominent artists like Bisa Kdei, the Ghanaian singer, and Lil Win, the Kumawood comic actor.

Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem description

  • Release date: December 9, 2019
  • Format: mp3
  • Record label: Ground Up Chale
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Length: 3:06
  • Producer: M.O.G Beatz

You will definitely love the song.

Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem reviews and reactions

Is the song worth downloading? Check out the opinions left by the song's listeners on YouTube:

  • Asonaba kwabrafoso Obuasi - One thing is clear...... This song is gonna blow
  • Kvng Shawner – When you thought Kwesi Arthur won't make waves this December then boooommmm
  • Thatboy Kalusha – Kwesi Arthur is too good...I think all the artists nailed it simple
  • Jeffrey Danso – The Christmas Banger Is Here, Thumbs Up If You Agree
  • Kenneth Godoga – Dancing to this at dawn.
  • Richie Hill – These guys never disappoint. This banger already a hit. If you agree with me thumbs up.
  • Asante Akan – This is the kind of music Ghana needs. Real Ghana vibes not hiphop or dancehall.
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Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem lyrics


Is MOG baby

Ah, ah, ah, ah…

Oh yeah, ah, ah, ah, ah…


[Verse 1]

Me paddy poverty be enemy

As I damu today, nobody dey care for me

I for change my destiny

If you see sey my money dey come, don’t change your energy eh…

Jah Jah bra bε boa wo mma (Jah Jah bra oo)

Sika no m’atwe a, twe a, twe a, εmma (m’atwe a, twe a, atwe oo)

Jah Jah bra bε boa wo mma (Jah Jah bra oo)

I say εnyε nyansasεm na wo frε a, me nfa (Jah Jah bra oo)


Fisε mepε sika de εdi nkwasiasεm

Eh, mepε sika de εdi nkwasiasεm

Mese, mepε sika de εdi nkwasiasεm

Man for chop, man for blow

I no come here to suffer, suffer no

[Verse 2]

(Sɔre, εh sa sa, sɔre εh) hahaha

(Sɔre, εh sa sa) Lil Win

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(Hah, ah, ah) To my niggas the blow now

(Sɔre, εh sa sa, sɔre εh) hm, hahaha

Mepε sika de εdi nkwasiasεm (Lil Win)

Wo mpε m’asεm a, mε ngyina bεεbi endi m’atεm (to my niggas the blog now)

Enbu m’abam

Wizzy kɔso a, bɔ wo nsa mu (hahaha)

Yε chilli εdi sika, mo kasa, mo hyihyε dεεmu (Lil Win)

Kumaci kɔ Bechem (sia)

Wo nti ase a koraa, y’asεi mu (ha ha)

Cars aboɔden ba yε da mu (Lil Win)

Sε wo tan me a, twεm

Mame me suffer

Ɔbaa hemaa bɔme ka

Me pε wo a, mεsan ahwε wo mma

Wo sikasεm deε mennkasa (sia)


[Verse 3]

Sε me nya sika a, mεyε obiaa show (obiaa show)

Nti me fie abεifoɔ nkurasefoɔ eh, mo nda

Mo dεn ne mo ahantan no?

Mo ndwuma nyinaa bεyε kwa kwa

Winning be our way

Enti party every day

Anadwo bεyε dε

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Somebody, tell my, family sey wɔnda

Sika bεba

Wɔkε shika baye wala hm

Moko yakε, woku makε, wɔn tumu nda oo

Yεbε di sika ama obi aka nkwaasεm akwa


Sɔre, εh sa sa, sɔre εh

Sɔre, εh sa sa

Hah, ah, ah

Sɔre, εh sa sa, sɔre εh

Kwesi Arthur – Nkwasiasem lyrics

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