Nyashinski - Lift Me Up: video, lyrics, reactions

Nyashinski - Lift Me Up: video, lyrics, reactions

The Kenyan award-winning artist Nyashinski has come through with yet another up-tempo tune dubbed Lift Me Up. The new hit by Nyashinski - Lift Me Up is addictive, like most of his songs, and will keep your finger on the repeat button.

The song was produced by Cedric Kadenyi and the tune plus the lyrics are a perfect match for a refreshing evening.

Nyashinski - Lift Me Up description

  • Release date: December 12th, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Length: 3 minutes 6 seconds
  • Producer: Cedric "Cedo" Kadenyi
  • Director: JC
  • Label: Geta International Ltd.

The banger revolves around the theme of love and as the hit name suggests, the singer is asking his lover to lift him up when he feels low.

Nyashinski - Lift Me Up reviews and comments

The hit has attracted a considerable number of comments and reviews. Find below what people are saying about this song on YouTube.

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  • Anthony Rodgers: Nyashinski is going to make me propose to that bae I don’t even have.
  • Tigris: We need more artists like Nyashinski. He doesn't do it for fame
  • Michael Gitau: Who else left work so stressed only to find this goodness
  • Allan Thuo: Am praying for a day this guy collaborates with Chris Kaiga
  • Till number: And the king survived even through the second gengetone generation. I can't believe he is still trending #the king is back
  • Francis Alexie: I love the current Kenyan music scene.. we almost gave up but they came through. Thanks, Nyash, God bless you

Nyashinski - Lift Me Up lyrics

The song is, without a doubt, a hit. As it plays, you might feel the urge to sing along. Please feel free to use the correct lyrics below.

Nyashinski - Lift Me Up download

Image: instagram.com, @realshinski
Source: Instagram


Lift me up!

(Oh yeah! Ladies and gentlemen, HEY!)

Every time you’re around me I feel love

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(Another one for my one and only

Another one for my one and only)

Lift me up!

(Another Classic! We got another one, we got another one hey!)

I feel love

(Cedo, Nyashinski, hey hey hey)


Can you guess what mood I’m in

Need you like my oxygen

Let’s go somewhere we can be, just you and me and some privacy yuh

When you say my name

Spacehip, Rocket, Paper plane

Higher than I’ve ever been

Rasta never felt this way oh no


It’s true

Siamini vile unanidu

Kawaida mi playingi cool

Kawaida mi na playingi cool

But I’m so foolish

When it comes to you

When it comes to you you you


Lift me up

Anytime I’m down

Every time you’re around me

I feel love, baby

I’m addicted to you

Lift me up

Anytime I’m down

NSG - Trust Issues: The track you cannot ignore

Every time you’re around me

I feel love, baby

I’m addicted to loving you

[Verse: 2]

Sikuplan kugo this deep

Kufika hii stage

Skwangi mtu naeka feelingz zangu kwa display

But kwa future yangu naona party na wedding cake

Who knew kitu perfect inaeza happen by mistake

I bee the realest


But you can’t be the realest bila honey :honey_pot:

Kujiambia loneliness never killed a g

Kucompensate na chain mingi kama mister T

Ya ya!

Unaeza guess ile mood I’m in

Naskia Tutafte beach mahali cool again

Tukapigwe na kabreeze kama nduthi gang

Please never leave again





Nyashinski - Lift Me Up download

If you want to download the song, you can obtain it from the following site.

Since its release, the song by Nyashinski - Lift Me Up has been the talk of the town. With all manner of comments coming from left, right and center, we would like to know how you feel about the song. Leave your opinion in the comment section below. While at it, also remember to share the article with your friends.

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