How to use UBA *919# magic banking codes for seamless transactions
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How to use UBA *919# magic banking codes for seamless transactions

It is not called Magic Banking for no reason!

And here is why...

Any day, any time and on the go, *919# comes to the rescue when you are low on airtime, trying to pay your bills, transfer funds, open a new account, or even planning a trip. You could just dial *919# on your mobile device to book and pay for your flights.

Of course, there are other options you could use to carry out your banking needs. Options like mobile banking and Internet banking, as well as our incredible LEO, and they are equally efficient and up to the task. However, UBA USSD magic banking code '919' stands out from the others. Guess why...

How to use UBA *919# magic banking codes for seamless transactions

Simple! It is because there is a special 919 code for every type of transaction. These magic codes efficiently carry out your needs within a second, and in fact, no Internet or data is required.

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For example, to top up your airtime, you could simply dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line (e.g. *919*1000#) and you will instantly receive a notification

Check out the magic codes for other transactions...

Check Balance *919*00#

Top-Up for Self *919*amount#

Top-Up for Others *919*phone number*amount#

Transfer to UBA Acct *919*3*account number*amount#

Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#

Transfer to Other banks *919*4*account number*amount#

Pay Bills *919*5#

ATM Cardless Withdrawal *919*30*Amount#

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Airline Ticket Menu *919*12#

Africa World Airline *919*12*394#

To enjoy the many benefits of USSD Magic banking;

You have to be enrolled for SMS alert with the mobile number registered to your account/prepaid card. Then, you are required to register for USSD services. To do this, dial *919# to see the Main Menu and select your desired option. You can now experience the magic of banking with *919# on the go.

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