Falz - Girls ft. Patoranking: video, lyrics, reactions

Falz - Girls ft. Patoranking: video, lyrics, reactions

Falz and Patoranking are among the most famous singers in Nigeria. They are renowned for their popular hits. The latest video by Falz - Girls is equally a hit. Discover more details about this fantastic number.

Nigerian singer, rapper, and comic actor Falz has teamed up with Patoranking to unleash a catchy single dubbed 'Girls'. The video of this particular banger is fabulous and one you cannot afford to miss.

Falz - Girls description

  • Release date: December 3rd, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Afro-beats
  • Length: 3 minutes 38 seconds
  • Producer: C-Tea Beatz
  • Director: TG Omori
  • Label: BahdGuys Entertainment Limited

Falz - Girls reviews and comments

Do the artists' fans and followers love the song? Here are some of the comments from Falz's YouTube channel.

  • KONAV Muin: Falz is always delivering, But Magnito would be a blessing in this song
  • Emmanuel Ashu: The bahd guy is on point... "I'm not ur father..." Patoranking always easies on the beats...
  • MCHLJUNIOR: The production quality on this is insane
  • Fatmata Issa: Nice song, wow Falz my husband looking cute in that white beard
  • Glitteratie Ent: Such a fun song, so much energy! I love the video keeps the vibes colorful and light
  • Nana Akua Kuffour: When I heard the beat, I thought the song was by a Ghanaian Artist
  • Cate Obinna: I love this song. It is a banger. I can't stop playing it over and over again. These artists are so amazing.
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Falz - Girls lyrics

This song is undoubtedly a hit, and it will keep sounding in your head. You can sing along using the correct lyrics below.

Falz - Girls download

Image: instagram.com, @falzthebahdguy
Source: Instagram


Wha ya say

Close marking

Hold something

It's C-Tea on the beat


(The party no go nice if girls no dey

If girls no dey) x 4


Theresa?! call am

Amaka?! call am

Jenifer?! call am

Abena?! call am

Akosua?! call am (ye, ye)

Kafaya?! call am (ye, ye)

Amaka?! call am (ye, ye)

The party no go nice if girls no dey (ye, ye)

(ye ye ye ye, ye ye ye ye) x 2

[Verse One]

The party no go tap if na sausage fest (God forbid)

Lai lai, it can never make sense

I for call Chichi

She too like mulla

But O boy that ikebe super (chai)

Natalie say she fit bring rice cooler (ehn ehn)

Say she go come if we book her Uber

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But Sade say she can get here sooner

With all those her friends wey dey burst medulla (call her now)

I dey calculate based on spending

Everybody message dey for pending (oh no)

Shayo don dey fridge oh, e plenty

Omo diesel sef don dey for engine (very nic)

If anybody form swagger (No time o)

Tell them make them jump okada (komoto there)

Na party I dey do

I am not their father (komot there)

And I am not the Lagos state governor either



[Verse Two]

The party no go nice if booze no flow (lai lai)

Fine girls and juice don't go

Wetin we go do if these babes no show?

Three hours now them don dey go-slow (oh my God)

Excuse me!

Who get motor?

Come and reverse, person wan go (I dey come)

Hello sir!

Who give you control (ehn ehn)

You go need to bounce o

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Party don choke (who are you?)

I don talk dress code

All man sabi

You still wear nonsense come my party (get out)

Bouncers stop him, he's not my padi (i don't know him sir)

Ita lo ma wa, ti party ma pari (that's true)

You go even help increase the space (yes)

Because we are holding up for babes

Make sure say the boy leave the place

We don't have oxygen to waste




Focus Ramon

{(Girls, girls, girls, girls)

(ye ye ye ye, ye ye ye ye)}x 2

(ye ye ye ye, ye ye ye ye)

Falz - Girls download

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What do you think about this collaboration and the song in general? Is the latest number by Falz - Girls featuring Patoranking a hit or a miss? Air your views about the song in the comment section below. While you do so, also remember to share the article through your various social media platforms to keep the banger trending.

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