Nana Rogues - Don't Stress ft. Kwesi Arthur & Stonebwoy: video, lyrics, reactions

Nana Rogues - Don't Stress ft. Kwesi Arthur & Stonebwoy: video, lyrics, reactions

The new hit by Nana Rogues - Don't Stress ft. Kwesi Arthur & Stonebwoy shows us how much music production in Africa has improved. These three stars, through this video, show us that Africans do not need to look to the west for great hip-hop music. We have great talent among our own artists.

Not only are the visuals very well done, but the lyrics and flow are amazing too.

Nana Rogues - Don't Stress description

  • Audio release date: 21st November 2019
  • Video release date: 22nd November 2019
  • Format: Audio and video
  • Genre: Afro-beat/Rap
  • Length: 3 minutes 34 seconds
  • Label: NPAP Records/Virgin EMI Records

Fans of hip-hop/rap will love this tune as the flow in all the verses is impeccable. The rappers put their all in this song.

Nana Rogues - Don't Stress reviews and reactions

Fans on YouTube love this jam. Here are some of the best comments under the video. People cannot stop raving about Kwesi and Stonebwoy;

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Nana Rogues - Don't Stress reactions

Image:, @nanarogues
Source: Instagram

  • M Dot - Kwesi Arthur making all Ghanaians proud with all these bangers
  • ProdByWalkz - So when he ain't making bangers like passion fruit for Drake, he's giving us vibes like this. Nana the G.OA.T
  • Selorm Akpabli - Stonebwoy's verse was lit
  • Lynertt Gold - Stonebowy’s verse was perfect.️ Too dope. He is on a different level
  • Bigshow Lamar - Kwesi sang like it is his own track...dope
  • Colored Tv - This tune should be pumping hard on every speaker right now.
  • Bakhita Nzeribe - Bruh, Afrobeats is on a different level right now
  • Chloe Brooklyn - When the beat and visuals are both fire!!
  • Ralph Ansah - Production through the roof lads. Hats off!
  • Sylvester A-shun - Nana Rogues, thank you for this dope production, you did a great job.

Nana Rogues - Don't Stress lyrics

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Here are the song's lyrics:



She don't give me stress


She don't give me stress


She don't give me stress


She don't give me stress

Dress no good

She don't give me stress

All on me

She don't give me stress

I will call you back

Why stressing?

Don't stress me

{Verse 1 - Kwesi}

I know you, hate it when adey leave you home

And you dey, hate it whe I be in my zone

Its why threatening me, you go leave me alone

My old team use to go through my phones

I don't drip, way kind life this

My skin got the glow cos I mind my business

All she want is WIFI then more inches

Yeba aa na yeaba, clique full of ninjas

Adey break down en walls till fall

I bake in cologne so i smell like abroad

You will not be able to resist Shaker - Who Dey Eat ft Joey B

Facetime I knew what I'm doing in my tracks

Meno meye guy never put me on pause

Why you being in my track

Don't vex

If I talk you mind don't vex

Can we talk sometimes no sex

If I cut you off no regret



{Verse 2 - Stonebwoy}

Girl like Louisa

Ah she got the London visa

She give me pause, ah the thing way mi tease ah

Girl I say your Gucci with di bhim bhim blazer


Girl like Oney

She take it in and out in the morning

I know everytime she go ask fi the money

No man cyan take her out she no lonely

Sweet sweet sweet girl

You never ever trust me yeah

Sweet sweet sweet girl

You never trust me yeah

{Repeat Chorus}

Nana Rogues - Don't Stress download

You can download the tune by following these links:

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