Kranium - Risky "Refix": audio, lyrics, reactions

Kranium - Risky "Refix": audio, lyrics, reactions

Risky "Refix" is the new jam by the Jamaican dancehall artist. Known for his remixes of popular songs, the star decided to remix the very popular song by Davido and Popcaan. You will enjoy the new hit by Kranium - Risky "Refix".

Kranium's version is a lot more explicit than the original version. Despite that, it is still as catchy as the original, if not more.

Kranium - Risky "Refix" description

  • Release date: 21st November 2019
  • Format: mp3
  • Genre: Dancehall
  • Length: 2 minutes 11 seconds
  • Label: Atlantic Records

Afro-pop and dancehall fans can enjoy the remix as it combines the two genres flawlessly. This is a tune that you can dance the night away to.

Kranium - Risky "Refix" reviews and reactions

Kranium - Risky "Refix" reactions

Image:, @kranium
Source: Instagram

Fans on his Instagram page are already showing their love for the tune in the comments under his posts. Here are more comments from YouTube users

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  • Queenly - Kranium makes them slow slow slow hot tunes. Makes a woman want to make love to the world and dance naked on a beach in Jamaica
  • Patricia Moore - I’m here before a million likes. Pure talent I love it
  • Amigwa Remi - I swear this song is doper than the original version.
  • Adama Jarju - This refix sounds so dope
  • Britney Joseph - We need a longer version!
  • Tamara Laing - I have this song on repeat
  • DjDallarCoin Music - Very Excellent ratings to you Kranium. You are very talented. You know how to put the hits together. Keep up the great works

Kranium - Risky "Refix" lyrics

Kranium kept the bridge and chorus from Davido's version but added his own twist in two new verses.

{Intro: Kranium}


Oh baby

This is the refix, yeah

Speroach Beatz

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After couple whiskey...


Oh oh...

{Verse 1: Kranium}

Late-night couple whiskey

She have a man but she waan risk it

Tell me say she waan taste me like pastry

Me know your boyfriend, him hate me

But I'm different from everything

Say she want a bigger thing

Steady like a bobby pin

She a f*ck and she a move like she a general

Now she haffi take a Panadol and Benadryl

F*ck her under a tree pon the beach

Bere backas me give it

When she call me, you know man a reach

Her boyfriend a watch the thing like a leach

When me a c*m me sound like pastor a preach


{Bridge: Davido - x2}

Kilo kan mi

I'm getting money

Biggie money

So what's so funny?

Who be this kid

Pour the whiskey

Get tipsy

But odikwa risky

{Chorus: Popcaan & Davido}

Risky, risky

Yes yuh body risky

Risky, you nuh wan' go 50-50

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Risky, risky

Yes your body risky

Your body (risky x3)

{Verse 2: Kranium}

F*ck in front of anybody, anywhere, anytime

Sit down pon mi number nine

Gyal me never die

Inna your hole me dig deep me get wide


The boy tipsy

The boy a call your phone but him can trick we

Tell him say him time done

Not even a kangaroo can run the jungle until the f*cking lion c*m

{Bridge: Davido - x2}

Kilo kan mi

I'm getting money

Biggie money

So what's so funny?

Who be this kid

Pour the whiskey

Get tipsy

But odikwa risky

{Outro: Repeat Chorus}

What do you think about this new remix by Kranium - Risky "Refix"? Do you prefer this version or the original one by Davido and Popcaan? Let us know in the comment section down below and do not forget to share this song with all your friends.

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