Aslay - Moyo Kiburi: video, lyrics, reactions

Aslay - Moyo Kiburi: video, lyrics, reactions

Tanzanian superstar Aslay has just released a brand new hit that many music lovers will undoubtedly love. The fantastic lyrics and cool video of this particular hit by Aslay - Moyo Kiburi are worth your precious time.

In this number, Aslay gives you the reason to believe that he still one of the best vocalists in Tanzania.

Aslay - Moyo Kiburi description

  • Release date: November 21st, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Bongo Flava
  • Length: 3 minutes 17 seconds
  • Director: Destro from Wanene Film

The new song is a cool tune that will make your day. The hitmaker comes through with his soft voice that combines well with the smooth beats that set the right mood.

Aslay - Moyo Kiburi reviews and comments

Since the video was released on his YouTube channel, it has attracted a considerable number of positive reactions. Check out some of them below.

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Aslay - Moyo Kiburi reactions

Image:, @aslayisihaka
Source: UGC

  • Hamadi Rachid: Bro you're the best I wish one day you can come to visit Rwanda we can meet.
  • Hassan Galdan: Like if Aslay is the most humble and inspiring Tanzanian Artist.
  • Elly Mwats: Aslay never disappoints all the love from 254. Hit the like button for Aslay.
  • Alice Macharia: Crazy love this boy... his song nurtures me... Good work young man.
  • Rainzas Katenga: Am happy now you are giving us the best music.

Aslay - Moyo Kiburi lyrics

Below are the complete lyrics of this particular song

Niacheni niseme nitambe

Mwenyewe na moyo wangu

Ooh oooh lala lala ...

Ooh oooh lala lala ...

Moyo wangu unataka

Unataka unavyotaka

Unataka unavyotaka

Ila chunga usije leta maafa

Moyo wangu jeuri

Moyo wangu kiburi

Unataka unavyotaka

Ila chunga usije leta maafa

Unachagua pa kutua

Pa kuchutama pa kukaa

Pa kusimama pa kutembea

Pa kukimbia moyo

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Moyo wangu kichefuchefu

Moyo umegoma vitu vichafu

Moyo unataka vitu nadhifu

Vya kuridhisha mwili

Moyo hauna shombo

Moyo bingwa wa nyodo

Moyo hutaki shobo

Shobo shobo shoboo

Moyo wangu jeuri

Moyo wangu kiburi

(Aah jeuri moyo wangu kiburi) x 2

Ukileta dharau

Moyo unakusahau

Ukijiona mzuri

Moyo unaleta jeuri

Moyo nakupa cheo

We ndo mmliki wa hisia zangu

Yaani kama mti

We ni shina langu (Shina langu ooh)

Wapo walotaka kushindana

Na moyo wangu wakafeli

Tena walisubiri kupigana

Na moyo wangu wako chali

Moyo wangu jeuri

Moyo wangu kiburi

(Aah jeuri moyo wangu kiburi) x 2

Aslay - Moyo Kiburi download

Do you want to add the song to your favorite playlist? Feel free to download it from the reliable site suggested below.

The latest song by Aslay - Moyo Kiburi is, without a doubt, one of the hottest hits enjoying the airwaves at the moment. Share your opinion about the song in the comment section below. Also, remember to share the article with your friends so that they can get a taste of this awesome tune.

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