Terminator: Dark Fate: trailer, release date, cast, reviews

Terminator: Dark Fate: trailer, release date, cast, reviews

Terminator: Dark Fate is the sixth film in the popular Terminator film franchise. The film’s storyline follows the events of the 1984 and 1991 films, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It also provides additional information to related films such as Terminator: Genisys, Terminator Salvation, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

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Linda Hamilton stars in Terminator: Dark Fate as Sarah Connor while Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in his role as Carl, a T-800 Terminator. The film follows Luna: an advanced machine sent back in time to kill Dani Ramos, a girl whose fate is connected to future happenings. The resistance also sends an enhanced soldier back in time to protect Dani.

Terminator Dark Fate release date

Filming began in June 2018 in the US, Spain and Hungary. Terminator Dark Fate release date varied throughout the world starting on 23rd October in some European countries such as Belgium to 8th November in countries such as Poland. 20th Century Fox distributed it in specific markets and Paramount Pictures in others.

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Terminator Dark Fate plot

Years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the machines send a Terminator called Rev-9 back in time to Mexico City to kill Dani Ramos. Dani’s fate is connected to the future of humanity and consequently, that of the machines. Members of the resistance from the future also send Grace, a cybernetically superior soldier, to protect Dani.

The Rev-9 arrives under the disguise of Dani’s father and manages to infiltrate her place of work. Dani discovers his plans and flees together with her brother, Diego. The Rev-9 pursues and corners them, killing Diego along the way. Sarah Connor arrives and temporarily fends off the Rev-9 using explosives. Sarah, Grace and Dani retreat to a motel to allow Grace to recover.

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Sarah explains how she found Dani using encrypted messages that she often received, all ending with the words ‘for John’. Grace explains that in her timeline, humanity is under threat from a type of artificial intelligence called Legion, which was initially developed by the US forces to help in mitigating cyber-warfare. Legion then took over every server in the world, forcing humanity to try to eliminate it using nuclear weapons.

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The move resulted in a holocaust after which Legion created an army of machines known as Terminators to wipe out every human survivor. Grace, Dani and Sarah then discover the location of the T-800 that killed John Connor. However, with Skynet no longer in existence, the T-800 has no mission and has since become self-aware.

The T-900 agrees to help in Sarah and Grace’s mission to destroy the Rev-9, bidding its family goodbye before the Rev-9’s arrival. Together, the group trains Dani on weapon handling to help her fit into the well-deliberated plan. After a shootout with the Rev-9, Grace tells Dani that she is the future of the resistance, so her survival is crucial to humanity's fate.

The Rev-9 then follows the group into an aeroplane forcing Grace and Dani and Sarah to jump into a river near a hydroelectric plant. The Rev-9 follows them out of the plane and corners them inside the power plant. Grace and the T-800 then force the Rev-9 into a turbine resulting in an explosion that damages the Rev-9 and the T-800 and injures Grace. The T-800 then reactivates and grasps the Rev-9 allowing Dani to stab it with a power source.

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The scene ends with an explosion that destroys Carl and the Rev-9. Later, Sarah and Dani are shown watching over a young version of Grace. Grace is determined to avenge her death. The two then drive off as Grace looks at them.

The cast of Terminator Dark Fate

Here are the main Terminator Dark Fate cast members;

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: He stars as a T-800 Terminator, an aging model built by Skynet. He was one of the machines sent back in time to kill John Connor. After accomplishing its mission, the T-800 became autonomous and escaped from Skynet, later integrating with humans. Also known as Carl, the T-800 relocated to Laredo, Texas, married and began raising a step-son. He is among the several returning Terminator: Dark Fate cast members.
  • Gabriel Luna: He takes on the role of the Rev-9, a highly advanced Terminator developed by Legion and sent back in time to kill Dani Ramos. The machine features a conventional endoskeleton enhanced with a mimetic poly-alloy. The Rev-9 can separate its two components into two fully independent units as well as mimic intelligent human behaviour.
  • Linda Hamilton: The actress plays the role of John Connor’s mother, Sara Connor. Before his death, John was supposed to be the future leader of the Resistance in the battle against Skynet (the machines). After John’s death, Sarah was forced to become a battle-hardened soldier whose purpose is to prevent judgment day by killing Terminators. She is often at odds with the T-800 as well as Grace due to her previous experiences with machines.
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cast of terminator dark fate

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  • Mackenzie Davis: She plays the role of Grace, an enhanced soldier sent back from the year 2042 to protect Dani Ramos. In the future, Dani is Grace’s commander and oversees her conversion into a cyborg after she had sustained fatal wounds. She is enhanced with some of Legion’s technology, thus allowing her to have machine-like abilities for short periods.
  • Natalia Reyes: Natalia plays Daniella ‘Dani’ Ramos, a young lady working in an automobile plant in Mexico City. She is the primary target of the Rev-9 Terminator, who is sent back from the future by the machines. Before the events in the movie, she is making plans to relocate to the US in search of a better life. After surviving attempts on her younger self, she sends Grace to the past and directs her to locate Carl for help.

Other Terminator 6 Dark Fate cast members include;

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  • Alicia Borrachero as the T-800 Carl’s wife, Alicia
  • Diego Boneta as Dani Ramos' younger brother, Diego Ramos
  • Enrique Arce as Dani and Diego’s father, Vicente Ramos
  • Fraser James as Sarah’s acquaintance, Dean
  • Manuel Pacific as Carl’s step-son, Mateo
  • Tristán Ulloa as Dani’s uncle, Felipe Gandal

Terminator Dark Fate trailer

Here is a look at the film’s trailer;

Development and Box Office performance

In 2013, Skydance Productions wanted the release of Terminator Genisys to mark the beginning of a new movie trilogy. The two sequels were to be released in May 2017 and June 2018. However, after the disappointing Box Office performance of Terminator Genisys, the trilogy plans were shelved. Terminator: Dark Fate around 29 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Terminator Dark Fate review

The movie received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Here is a look at some of Terminator Dark Fate reviews online;

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Empire Online

According to Empire Online, the first two films in the Terminator franchise, The Terminator and its sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day were the greatest. No films after these two came close to matching their sheer brilliance, well, until the release of Terminator: Dark Fate. From the thrilling chase in the opening scene to the profoundly moving ending, the newly-released film finally feels like a great movie in the franchise.

The review also takes note of how the film takes narrative risks by bringing characters such as Grace back from the future instead of the likes of Kyle Reese and John Connor. The film feels like a good part of the franchise and not just a quick cash-in on a now-ageing series. Aspects such as Sarah challenging her previous presumptions, Grace finding peace and Dani coming to terms with a new-found faith all make the movie a great watch.

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Empire online terms Terminator: Dark Fate as the third-best film in the franchise.

Common Sense Media

Reviewers at Common Sense Media had different thoughts about the film. According to them, the film does away with all the events in the sequel movies and feels like a half-baked movie. It is, according to them, an irrelevant, pale, and dull copy of some once-glorious movies. There does not seem to be a solid reason for reuniting Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger's characters.

While the presence of Sarah and Carl only distracts the main story (that of Grace and Dani), the latter would not have offered viewers anything surprising or even new. The evil Rev-9 also brings in nothing new to the film, especially in terms of its design, materials and vulnerability. The reviewers conclude that the director’s work on the film is dull, choppy and sludgy. The distinct lack of suspense and humour are also noted as some of the film’s downsides.

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Director Tim Miller

When asked about the film’s poor performance at the Box Office, Director Tim Miller had a few ideas. He suggested that previous films in the franchise were partly to blame. There was no control over people hating movies such as Terminator Genisys or feeling betrayed by Terminator Salvation. He, however, insisted that he was very proud of the new film despite its poor performance.

Terminator Dark Fate rating

Here is how the film has been rated on two of the top film rating sites;

  • The Rotten Tomatoes website has given the film a score of seventy-one percent on the Tomatometer with an audience rating of eighty-three percent.
  • On IMDb, the film has been rated 6.5 out of 10. This is an aggregate score from more than forty thousand viewer votes.

The Terminator: Dark Fate film has elicited mixed reactions from critics, franchise fans and the general audience. The film is arguably as entertaining as any other in the franchise, but some feel that it is time to end the franchise. Despite the concerns, the movie is still worth watching, especially for people who enjoy thrilling films.

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