Kiril Tereshin: Russian Popoye undergoes surgery to remove synthol in his big biceps

Kiril Tereshin: Russian Popoye undergoes surgery to remove synthol in his big biceps

Kiril Tereshin, a Russian MMA fighter nicknamed "Popoye" has begun a surgical process to get rid of six-litres of synthol petroleum jelly he used to pump up his arms.

The 21-year-old blogger and ex-soldier, who rose to fame because of his huge biceps, was defeated in an embarrassing bout by an opponent nearly twice his age.

The 23-year-old body builder with an arm structure of the famous 1929 cartoon sailor was floored barely six minutes into the bout by 43-year-old opponent Oleg Mongol.

His defeat, which was also replicated in another fall to Russian slapping champion Vasiliy ‘The Dumpling’ Kamotskiy, has been attributed to his hilariously oversized biceps.

Doctors have constantly warned Tereshin that the practice was hazardous to his health, with a stern warning that he was at risk of losing him arms to complications including nerve damage, infections, stroke and oil-filled cysts or ulcers in the muscle.

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But the MMA star has started a procedure to decrease his biceps after being warned he could die or face amputation, Sportbible reports.

"Kirill injected about three litres into each arm. It saturated the muscle tissues, blocked blood flow," Dr. Melnikon of Sechenov Moscow State Medical University said of Tereshin.

"As a result the tissue dies and gets replaced with a scar which is as tough as a tree, you can even knock on it and hear the usual sound. We have removed all this. He had high fever, strong pain, and weakness.

"Petroleum jelly affects the whole body, kidneys in particular. I think Kirill did not fully realise the consequences of what he had been doing."

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