Olamide - Choko Milo: audio, lyrics, reactions

Olamide - Choko Milo: audio, lyrics, reactions

Have you listened to the new song by Olamide - Choko Milo? It is a stunning tune with captivating beats and amazing rhythm. If you love Olamide, then this tune should be the newest addition to your playlist.

The jam has no visuals yet but certainly, its video will be an entertaining one to watch. Press the play button and get to enjoy this masterpiece.

Olamide - Choko Milo description

  • Release date: November 11, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Length: 2 minutes 51 seconds
  • Producer: Spaceboy Mercury

Olamide - Choko Milo comments and reviews

Those who have listened to it have left their reactions on Twitter and YouTube. Here are some comments by YouTube users:

  • Kelvin weberschneider: Baddo can never do wrong in my eyes… I’m a big fan of baddo from de days of rhapsody album
  • Jo Blk: South Africa representing on this one. Gbedu too maad joor
  • Rumdeeson Soa: I love Olamide so much, I wish I could meet him face to face and tell him I love his kind of music
  • Bello Ibrahim: King olamide badoo. If you love this guy your life go sweet
  • Chris Gabriel: I will always love your songs (olamide badoo)
  • Exclusively Issy: the new anthem all year round!!
  • Grngrn Green: Badoo not ready to give up the crown
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Olamide - Choko Milo reactions

Image: instagram.com, @baddosneh
Source: Instagram

Olamide - Choko Milo lyrics

Check out the lyrics for the jam below and get to sing along:


Tabani kinlo mu (mu)

Tabani malta guiness (guiness)

Won ni ko maye je (je)

Won ani jedi loma paa (paa)

Butter oun sho ounje obo (obo)

Chidinmaa fe fa shisha (shisha)

Ofe f’hennessy foyin


Sugbo o like choko milo, chokomi choko milo

O love choko milo, chokomi choko milo

[Verse 2]

Deposit there sinu bag

Hyena want to attack

Wetin money nogo cause

Uber logbewade you leave in a bus

Sepesepe sepesepe, jelousy jelousy

I don’t care, I don’t care

Tobalo kenu s’onome, onome ma j’ewo o

Onome ma gbe gbe

Out loma shorari

Omolope roar lo jaiye

Mafo fun set awon werey

Audio money lo ko wole

Shakira exam titan ofi ake kori olum ofe lole moh

Osuper glueofe pami choko milo ti kogba mi o

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Kofun won gegegege

Wo bo she fregedede

Ema lo nogedede dededdede

Talo nomo odedede

Tabani kinlo mu (mu)

Toba ni malta guiness (guiness)

Won nni ko maye je (je)

Won ani jedi loma paa (paa)

Butter ouns ho ounje obo (obo)

Chidinma fe fa shisha (shisha)

Ofefi shampoo showo (showo)

Ofe f’henessy foyin


It STD pon da beat


Olamide - Choko Milo download

You can add this jam to your playlist by downloading it through the link provided for you below:

The song by Olamide - Choko Milo is an enjoyable jam to listen to. Tell us what you think in the comment section below, as we would love to hear from you. Remember to share this article with your friends too.

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