Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao: audio, lyrics, reactions

Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao: audio, lyrics, reactions

WCB Wasafi Records superstar Diamond Platnumz has just released another lovely vibe titled "Baba Lao". It comes in the wake of thorough preparations for the Wasafi Festival. The new hit by Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao is quite unique, a fusion of Bongo Flava and some Afrobeats in the background.

The all-time Tanzanian hitmaker has treated his fans to yet another fantastic song. It is undoubtedly a song you would not want to miss. You will keep listening to it over and over again.

Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao description

  • Release date: November 6th, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Afrobeat, Bongo Flava
  • Length: 3 minutes 9 seconds
  • Producer: S2Kizzy and Lizer Classic
  • Label: WCB Wasafi Records

The new song comes as a follow up of his previously released hit dubbed "Kanyaga". S2Kizzy and Lizer Classic teamed up to produce the banger.

Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao reviews and comments

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The new song has solicited a set of mixed reactions from social media fans and followers. Whereas a section was delighted in his creativity, some were quick to criticize him for copying Naira Marley's "Soapy". Below are some of the reviews and comments from his YouTube channel.

Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao reactions
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  • Cabdi Rizak: Cool music bro, keep going forward. Somali fan for Diamond Platnumz. We love you here.
  • Hillary Lagat: I feel like these beats were made in South Africa... Big up Baba Lao!
  • Mfalme wa mapenzi: Soapy in Tanzania wah! is baddest. I appreciate and agree that Diamond is the only artist that can do all kinds of music.
  • Sandra Salome Angolo: Diamond is like those people in the examinations who ask you for the answer, and when you show him your answer sheet, he even copies your name and registration number. LMAO!
  • Rostam Kipango: You copy from someone, and you do better than him, that's great!
  • HASH TOWN: Why does it sound like soapy by Naira Marley? Anyone else who has noticed this?
  • Cijay: Am I the only one who hears Soapy by Naira Marley in this song? This is FIRE ON REPLAY!!!
  • Xander Champagne Mukinya: Baba Lao, Diamond keep moving the east Africa flag love from 2$4.

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Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao lyrics

Below are the incredible lyrics of this particular song.

S2kizzy baby!

Ayoo Lizer

[Hook: Diamond Platnumz]

Dangote baba lao (Baba lao)

Simba baba lao (Baba lao)

Chibu baba lao (Baba lao)

Mondi baba lao (Baba lao)

Eeeh Zombie baba lao (Baba lao)

Magufuli baba lao (Baba lao)

Makonda baba lao (Baba lao)

Wasafi chama lao

[Verse 1: Diamond Platnumz]

Ngoma kwa ngoma ni kopo koko

Leo ndani twakesha popo

Waiter tasambazia moko moko

Moja baridi, Moja moto

Mmechoka eti?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Mnataka lala?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Tungi limezidi?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Tuzime muziki??(Aaah! Wapi)

[Bridge: Diamond Platnumz]

Asa twende kisamugile, sambamba, Hapo vipi inabamba??

Inogile inatamba, basi chanika musamba

Eeeh!! Wataweza kweli?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Kushindana nasi?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Hata wakiungana?? (Aaah! Wapi)

Matusi kututukana?? (Aaah! Wapi)

[Hook: Diamond Platnumz]

[Verse 2: Diamond Platnumz]

Hajib selema, Adija Selema (Selema)

Mondi nyangema, Shimo ametema (ametema)

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Amefosi bifu mseleleko (Eeeh! Tumemkwepa)

Amebaki masononeko (Eeeh! Wanamcheka)

Kwanza kunja goti (Lee kunja goti)

Kisha vua shati (Eeeh vua shati)

Cheza kama monkey (Aiii!)

Vunja ukidanki danki

Eeeh! Tumewachapa (Kidude)

Hakichomoki (Kidude)

Kimewanasa (Kidude)

Wanatapatapa (Kidude)

[Bridge: Diamond Platnumz]

Chizi karogwa tena! Chizi.. Chizi karogwa tena eeeh!

Chizi karogwa tena! Chizi.. Chizi karogwa tena eeeh!

Chizi karogwa tena! Chizi.. Chizi karogwa tena eeeh!

Chizi karogwa tena! Chizi.. Chizi karogwa tena eeeh!

[Hook: Diamond Platnumz]

[Bridge: Diamond Platnumz]

Mzuka ukipanda na hili shati navua (acha uongo)

Mzuka ukipanda na hili bukta navua (acha uongo)

Jamani navua (acha uongo)

Mama navua (acha uongo)

Mwenzenu navua (acha uongo)

Eeeeh! Kuna Basata

Basi napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Ooooh! Napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Iyobo napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Mi napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Eeeeh X12

Tale napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Mi napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Momo napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Fungwe napiga Yope (Huwezi)

Since it was released, the new song by Diamond Platnumz - Baba Lao has been the thing in town. The song has attracted the attention of most music lovers in Tanzania and Africa at large. What is your opinion about the song? Please share your honest opinion in the comment section below. As you do so, also remember to hit the social media share buttons so that someone else gets the opportunity to listen to the fantastic audio.

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