Spice Diana - Mood: video, lyrics, reactions

Spice Diana - Mood: video, lyrics, reactions

Ugandan songstress Spice Diana has released a fantastic tune dubbed "Mood." The hit was published on her YouTube channel a few days ago and so far, it boasts of incredible views. This banger by Spice Diana - Mood is without a doubt an award contender. Listen to it here and let us know what you think about it.

In the song, Spice Diana gives you a reason to believe that she is indeed one of the top artists in Uganda. Watch the video and remember to share the article with friends so that they also enjoy this fabulous hit.

Spice Diana - Mood description

  • Release date: October 27th, 2019
  • Format: Video/audio
  • Length: 3 minutes 30 seconds

Spice Diana is an upcoming Ugandan artist whose talent has earned her an incredible following on various social media platforms. Her actual name is Namukwaya Hajara Diana.

Spice Diana - Mood reviews and comments

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The song has so far received various comments from fans and followers. Below are some of the reviews and comments from her YouTube channel.

  • Princess maggie: Did anyone hear when she said King Saha nze ndi bubi? Hehehe... what a song! She is blowing our minds off.
  • patrick suess: She is really hot like her music.
  • Kyeyune Dawoods: 2019 is your year. Keep doing it. I am your big fan.
  • Fatie Kakooza: I am in the moods wallah, Spice Diana you are such a blessing to the music industry.
  • Ggita Hannington: Watch this space guys. She will be the best female artist of 2019.
  • Ray fire Pea: I trust you girl! Because you never disappoint me. This is certainly a great hit.

Spice Diana - Mood lyrics

Being a perfect song, you will undoubtedly find yourself singing along. The words can only come out clearly if you know the right lyrics. Below are the lyrics of this particular song.

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Ma baibe

Nze ndi mu mood

Naye give darling

[Verse One]

Nze nyamba tonkyawa

Nkwagala okusinga ku namba

Namba mojja abanji jyebalumba

Mukwano nze ngamba

Nina eno kyengamba

Omukwano gwo munji nyo nyo

Gujjuzza enyanja


Kiri nkanga




Omugwano gwo gwe gunzisa mu mood

Amapenzi ggo geganzisa mu mood

mu mood

Omugwano gwo gwe gunzisa mu mood

mu mood

You are like a trigger, trigger

Nga bwolaba emmundu

{Oli good (Oli good)

Ontekka mu mood

(Ontekka mu mood)} x 2

[Verse two]

Navaa kutabili

Iwe wankumba enjiri

Mwana gwe olina enjiri

Elimu ebingambo bili byo benyini

Hm ngumye ngusange

Eh wah eh eh

Eh wah

Ah nfubye nkulinde

Eh wah eh eh

Eh wah

Njagala obingambe

Wonjagala sunday to sunday

Nabagamba oli wange

Omugwano gwo gwa cash sibanje

Mpa omugwano nawe


[Verse three]

Wakili baibe nawe eh

Ssaaka akayimba nawe

Tukazzine mu nze nawe eh

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Baibe nawe eh

Ekkiba kikusumbuwa gwe looppa eno

Eh baibe loopa eno

Tebakutambaala nga ogenze eyo

Eh eyo eyo

Nkuzzubiiza sili kuswanza eyo

Eh eyo eyo

(Kimyanso kyange myanse

Nze myanse Omyanse) x 2



Kabe Ani kabe ani baibe


Kabe Ani kabe ani baibe

King Saha

(Nze ndi bubi) x 2

Baur on the beat


What do you think of the new banger by Spice Diana - Mood? Will it meet the expectations of her fans? Share your opinion about the song with us today in the comment section below.

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